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What type of material is Tectonite, SMC or Synthetic for a kitchen sink?

About Tectonite, SMC or Synthetic

What is Tectonite, Synthetic, or even SMC when it comes to kitchen sink? It’s really hard to know or imagine the real feel of the material of the sink online as you are unable to touch or feel the sink, it can be very confusing for many who's day to day jobs are not specialising in kitchen sink! Here is a brief explanation to help you understand the material without touching the product.

Tectonite is a name exclusive to Franke, it’s a name given to represent their synthetic material range of sinks. This type of sinks are commonly named by other sink manufacturers using similar material as Synthetic or SMC, which means, sheet moulding compound or sheet moulding composite.

The material used to manufacture a synthetic sink is glass-fibre reinforced polyester. The material is not full plastic, like a Teflite kitchen sink, which is Injection moulded polypropylene material. Synthetic sink feels, best described, little like an acrylic bath tub, which is solid and not plastic.

The sink visually appears like granite usually, especially if the sink is finished as matt finish, although, some synthetic sinks are now available in gloss finish which is easier to maintain but usually have up to 20% premium on price. Synthetic sinks can be up to 50% cheaper than a granite sink making synthetic a cost effective solution.

Advantages of Synthetic Kitchen Sinks

Some of the advantages of synthetic kitchen sinks are that it is heat resistant up to around 300°C (dependant on model and brand) for a short period of time, but it is not recommended you place pots or pans directly from the hob on to the sink itself.

The sinks are very light in weight which is easier and safer for transportation with online sales of kitchen sinks been ever so popular in the modern age. Installation is also more convenient with a light weight sink, its easily lifted and placed in cutout and under-mounted easier, reducing the risk of damage to corners of the sink while installing and possible cracks unlike a granite sink.

The sinks are usually supplied without tap holes, meaning you can drill and knock through tap holes as desired to accommodate the sink as left or right hand drainer without the need for a blanking plate, or additional holes can be drilled to accommodate waste disposal air switch, soap dispenser or even an automatic waste switch to operate your popup waste.

Synthetic sinks are usually available in a large range of colours due to the nature of the material, meaning you’re not just tied to black or white, more up to date colours such as greys are now available broadening the choice for any kitchen.

Due to the synthetic material, the sink is resistant to fading in sunlight, over a long period of time, so if you are considering to install a synthetic sink by your window, you can install it without the worry of faded sink in years to come.

The final advantage of a synthetic sinks are the cost, due to the manufacturing process, synthetic sinks can be produced economically, meaning the cost of the sink both online or high street showrooms should be competitively priced meaning it can be as much as 50% less than a granite sink.

Popular SMC Synthetic Kitchen Sink...

Customers are loving the Franke Sirius Tectonite SMC Synthetic kitchen sink for its modern look, value for money, practical functionality and easy to install advantages… The Franke Sirius is available in a variety of sizes and styles including undermount option… Below are some of the most loved Franke Sirius sinks purchased by Taps UK’s customers...

Disadvantages of Synthetic Kitchen Sinks

There are several disadvantages for owning a synthetic kitchen sink and if you are considering purchasing one for your kitchen, then you need to know the real fact of owning one! We are sure this information will not be advertised on the manufacturers website!

Like with any household appliance, synthetic sinks need to be maintained to keep its original appearance, a quick rinse of the sink is required after each use and wiping down the drainer and bowls will help maintain its original appearance and help keep lime scale marks to a minimal.

Depending on the geographical areas of the UK, if your household suffers from hard water, you may need to deep clean your sink once or twice a month depending on your water condition and the hardness of your water, where lime scale build up may be a problem, a special sink cleaning product may be required to help maintain its original appearance such as Franke's Inox cream or Cramer Acryl/Mineralstar clean and polish cream for granite and acrylic, these product will help maintain your sink in original condition.

Refrain from leaving crockery in the sink bowl or on the drainer that may have in contact with caustic solution for long period of time, such as overnight, as this may mark the sink. Caustic solution can be fresh lemon juice or any acidic substance so make sure you do not leave it for a long period of time.

Synthetic sinks will withstand day to day knocks and scrapes from pots, pans and crockery but it can be scratch and or chipped on hard or extreme impact so care will be needed to keep up its original appearance of the sink.

In general the disadvantages of owning a synthetic sink are, you need to take care when washing up, rinse and dry after each use, do not leave acidic solution for long period of time, deep clean your sink at least once or twice a month!

Summary of Synthetic Sink

Synthetic sinks are cheaper alternative to granite sinks, available in variety of colours like granite but without the price tag. Whether you buy a Franke, Carron Phoenix, Astini, CDA or any other branded Synthetic sink, the quality of the sinks are usually quite similar to one another. Big brands do boast their unique selling points and it is up to you the consumer to decide which brand you buy in too. All manufacturers will provide a guarantee, some up to 50 years! but please note, the guarantee are for manufacturing defect and not for wear and tear and general use!

Tectonite, Synthetic, SMC, whatever the material is advertised as, it’s a cheaper alternative to granite sink with similar visual appearance. It’s generally easy to install and wide choice of colours now available.