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Kitchen Taps Information

When it comes to the kitchen, one of the most used areas in the room is the sink, and in particular, the taps. Depending on the position of your sink, the size of your kitchen and the functions required, there are a huge range of metal kitchen taps available in a huge array of shapes and styles.

Lever Taps

One of the most common types of kitchen taps are lever taps. They are operated using one or more simple levers. Available in twin or mixer styles, there’s sure to be a lever tap to suit any kitchen.

Pullout Rinser/Spray

Pullout rinser taps and spray taps give the user the option to easily rinser and wash dishes and food with a directed jet of water which can be directed in any direction because of the clever flexible coil neck. Pullout rinser taps are perfect for professional kitchen use or domestic installation.

White & Coloured

Taps don’t always have to have a chrome or metallic finish. You can get taps across a huge range of styles, shapes and functions that come in not only white, but a range of other colours too. Perfect for teaming with stylish tiles, work surfaces and cupboards. Whilst complementary colours are a safe choice choosing a coloured tap which contrasts with the room can look equally as good.

LED Spout

If coloured taps aren’t what you’re after but you still want to add some colour to the basin area, then LED spout taps could be just what you’re after. Available in brushed steel, mixer and Monobloc taps.

High Neck and Bib

Looking to get a bit more clearance from the sink with your taps? Then high neck and bib taps are probably what you’re looking for. Their long necks offer a higher head position and a classic pillar style finish.


Bridge taps have a long and elegant swan neck and two mixer head controls. The neck can be twisted to face the desired direction. Can be used to replace existing twin taps or existing twin mixer.

Wall Mounted

Depending on the existing pipework or style preferences, it may not always be possible to fit deck mounted taps, which is where stylish wall mounted taps are ideal. With the tap heads and neck coming directly out of the wall, they offer a solution for pipework issues and give a unique style.

Filter taps

Like filtered water? Want it to come straight out of your tap? Filter taps are perfect for use in hard water areas and within buildings where the tap water taste is undesirable. Get clean and clear water straight out of the tap using these clever taps with integrated filtration system.


Get boiling water directly from your tap at the pull of a lever using a kettle tap. Make tea in seconds, prepare food effortlessly and clean your utensils instantly with a blast of hot water that will kill any germs or bacteria. The kettle tap works by having a small boiler within the unit, depending on the model these vary in size.

Low Pressure

Many areas in the UK suffer from low water pressure, so to remedy this, try low pressure taps. They work brilliantly with water pressure levels as low as 0.5 so you’re sure to get a good flow, no matter where you are in the country. See our low pressure taps guide for more info.


All of the above types are high quality taps, but they don’t need to break the bank. There’s a huge range cheap kitchen taps available, in any style and design and with almost any function you could think of.