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Kitchen Tap Design Style

A well chosen tap provides the finishing touch to the kitchen. Much more than functional, the right tap also gives style, whether it's a sleek modern finish or a traditional design. Choosing a tap should never be an afterthought. Pairing the tap with the whole design of the kitchen helps to create a cohesive, stylish look that is sure to impress, revealing a true eye for detail.

A designer tap gives that final touch to a chic kitchen. With a range of finishes and colours, you can make any style statement you wish, to perfectly complement the kitchen. A designer tap guarantees top quality in both function and style, giving the kitchen an extra touch of class.

Modern taps are a more minimalist alternative. With clean, sweeping shapes and finishes including brushed steel, your tap won't stand out for the wrong reasons in a modern kitchen. These taps offer so many options, from built in filters to unobtrusive wall-mounted styles. Kettle taps are also becoming increasingly popular options in homes. Boiling water straight from the tap eliminates the need for a kettle for preparing hot drinks, cooking noodles and pasta, sterilizing dummies or cleaning stubborn stains on pans. A kettle tap also reduces the kitchen accidents also commonly caused by kettles. Adding gadgetry into your tap makes for a truly modern home.

Want to create a truly unique kitchen with edge? Choose a funky tap to show off your style. Taps UK stocks a range of truly cool taps. Choose a striking coil wrapped tap, a black finish or an unusual shape to bring something different to the kitchen sink area. A funky tap can be selected to match with a more unusual sink choice. A black tap paired with a striking black sink creates a modern, trendy look in any kitchen.

Some kitchens call for a more traditional style. Whether you’re creating a country cottage feel or a cosy family kitchen, a traditional tap could be the perfect choice. Choose a classic pair of taps over a more contemporary mixer style to bring old-world charm. If you prefer a mixer tap, a bridge or dual lever style could be the answer. The right handle shape can bring the perfect feel, especially when paired with a gold or bronze finish.

Square taps give a subtly modern finish to any kitchen. Whether the whole tap unit uses squares, or just the mixer, the clean edges offer sleek style without dominating the sink area. For discreet style, a square shape is up-to-date and fashionable, bringing a chic touch to your kitchen.

For the more unusual kitchen, a more unusual tap is required. Perhaps a striking design or unique features could be the best choice. Embrace a new kitchen trend with an LED style tap. The built in LED lights add colour to an otherwise plain area of the kitchen, bringing together design elements from the rest of the room. The colour-lit water makes for a conversation piece in an otherwise functional fixture.