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Kitchen mixer taps info

Kitchen Mixer Taps

Traditionally, many homes in the UK feature two faucets in the kitchen sink. However, the mixer tap is becoming a more commonly appreciated alternative, making it’s way into many modern designs.

As the name suggests, this tap mixes the water before it leaves the faucet. Rather than choosing directly between pre-set hot and cold temperatures, this allows users to adjust the temperature (through the volume of hot and cold water) to get the exact level of heat they want. Some do this via two different controls – one for hot and one for cold – while others use a single lever that can be moved sideways for temperature, or pushed forward and back to regulate the flow.

Naturally, this brings many benefits to a kitchen, both in terms of practicality and the safety of not having to put up with scalding hot water every time. There are also a number of different designs and options available, allowing you to find the mixer tap that fits into your aesthetic.

Traditional Designs

While the technology might be improved, sometimes you can’t go wrong with a traditional design. When it comes to mixer taps, why not use the likes of steel or chrome? These provide a high, luxurious finish while still providing a faucet that’s easy to clean. Likewise, it doesn’t draw too much attention to itself, yet adds to the overall scheme.

Similar designs can be found in brass and copper for more traditional, contemporary looks. However, the reflective finish of stainless steel is greatly appreciated, which is why such taps can be found in homes and restaurants alike.

A classic example here would be the T3100 by Kadaya. With a smooth chrome finish, this tap features a single, elegant curve and a singular tap for quick and easy use.

MonoBloc Designs

For something that takes up less space than a traditional tap, the monobloc design is a great choice. This features a single tap and a lever, but in a more compact design. Typically, the spout comes out from the base, rather than arching in a U-shape, with the tap or handle placed directly on top. These provide great ease of access and offer a discrete, functional choice.

These can come in a variety of designs and styles. Tristar, for example, offer a range of monobloc designs. Aside from a range of colours and materials, you can get a monobloc tap with an extended spout, which offers extra reach and versatility, or stick to the short, compact design that many already appreciate.

Designs With Spray

Finally, if you want some extra appeal to your mixer tap, why not try a design that comes with spray features? These come in a variety of forms and are also known as pull-out taps.

These taps work like normal, but often have a setting for a wider spray, including the ability to pull the tap or spray nozzle out. This allows for more direct control over the water coverage, which is great for washing up or ensuring food is properly prepared.