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How To Maintain Ceramic Kitchen Sinks

Prolong the life of your sink

There are several steps you can take to prolong the life of your ceramic sink and make it last for a longer period of time before it needs to be replaced. You can remove most mess with hot water and washing up liquid, rinsing it with clean water afterwards. Many ceramic sink owners dry them with soft cloths after this in order to prevent the build-up of limescale. By rinsing and drying your sink after you use it, you can stop it becoming stained by liquids including red wine, tea and coffee. It’s also possible to remove limescale by using a solution made of 25% vinegar, 75% water.

Things to avoid

Try to avoid dropping sharp objects including knives into the sink as chipping could occur. Heavy objects should also be placed inside the sink with care. Cut food on a chopping board rather than in your sink. You should avoid rubbing scouring pads against the surface of your ceramic sink and grit that has collected on the bottom of plastic washing up bowls can scratch the surface of your ceramic sink, so try to avoid using these. Concentrated drain cleaners with sulphuric and hydrochloric acid should be avoided. Try to avoid placing extremely hot or cold substances into your ceramic sink, or these can cause it to crack. If you do need to pour boiling water in your sink, make sure the cold tap is turned on first.

Repairing and restoring a sink

Kitchen and bathroom sinks tend to receive a great deal of wear over the years. However, it may be possible to get chips or cracks fixed without needing to replace the entire sink. Ceramic sinks can also be refinished and restored, helping you avoid paying out for replacements. You can repaint your ceramic sink, though you won’t be able to use standard paint and will instead need to opt for paint with an epoxy base. There are many kits on the market that will help you repair small cracks. You can also drill clean holes through the sinks without damaging them. We have products available from Cramer that offer this, please see this helpful video on the products.

Recommended Ceramic Cleaning Products

Why Taps UK?

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