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High Neck and Bib information

Choosing the right tap is essential to add the perfect finishing to your touch. There is a vast array to choose from but every design isn't guaranteed to suit every kitchen.

High neck and bib taps are both beautiful design, for the kitchen. They are characterised by a high body and long reach. This style of tap is usually ideal for a deep kitchen sink.

Bib taps are often fitted in pairs, but also come singularly. The classic style of bib taps is perfect for a kitchen with a traditional style. Bib taps come in a variety of finishes. For a classic look, opt for brass. To bring a modern twist to the design, there are chrome options available.

Although taps are usually one of the last items to be added to a kitchen, they are going to be used often and become a main area of focus. Therefore, it's important to choose a design that matches the style, and other fixtures and features of your kitchen. For kitchens with a cool colour palette (think: blues, greys etc), opt for chrome fixtures, including your taps. For kitchens with a warm palette, using brass and gold coloured taps are the best to opt for. There are also varieties on the function of the taps - some for example, are front press. Some are even top press. Bib taps, depending on your kitchen and sink vary from deck mounted, to wall mounted. It's also important to choose taps that are in proportion to your sink.

Once you have made a decision about the sort of tap you'd like, it's a good ideas to check the sort of water pressure system that is in your home, to ensure that you can definitely have the design of your choice. Checking water pressure is a simple task factor that can often be overlooked but it will save a lot of time in the future, and eliminate the risk of slow taps. If your tap is not being fitted as a complete kitchen re-design, we have written a simple guide, to help you to check your water pressure. Next, it will need to be fitted. Our team are friendly, quick and professional. Our taps also come with a guarantee, which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Maintaining your taps, as with any part of your kitchen should be done regularly. There is a good chance that brass taps will tarnish over time. This happens as brass comes in contact with air. Keep them in good condition, by cleaning with a brass cleaner. There are also homemade options that homeowners opt for, should they wish to avoid harsh chemicals - it depends on the age of your brass too. Use a solution that is gentle but effective.

Keeping a chrome finish tap clean and polished is easy but should be done regularly, as a highly polished finish can get dull very quickly, especially in a high traffic area like the kitchen, where the taps are used very regularly. The easiest way is with warm, soapy water. Just be sure to buff and polish them immediately, to avoid streaks when drying.

A small amount of maintenance will ensure that your high neck and bib kitchen taps will last a long time and serve your home well, for many years into the future.