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We have partnered with Pennies, the electronic charity box to help us raise funds for our charity partner Epilepsy Connections. Whenever you shop online at Taps UK, you now have the option to donate 25p to charity, simply by clicking the ‘Donate’ button at the checkout. Find out more about our charity partner, and how you can help, below. With your support, we can raise significant sums for charity.

Field Work Purple Day

One in 103 people in the UK have epilepsy and with the right treatment, the majority of them can get on with their lives. But for many, epilepsy can have a devastating impact on health, education, employment, relationships, independence and family life. Some people find that other people’s attitudes to epilepsy can be more of a problem than living with seizures and treatment.

Who are Epilepsy Connections?

Epilepsy Connections works throughout the Greater Glasgow & Clyde and Forth Valley areas to challenge the disabling effects of epilepsy and the misunderstanding that still surrounds it. They do that by providing:

  • information and practical advice
  • counselling
  • epilepsy awareness training
  • epilepsy awareness raising sessions in schools
  • befriending service and art, drama, gardening and walking groups for adults isolated by epilepsy
  • fun activities for children with epilepsy and their families
  • support for adults to get back to education, training or work

Purple Day

"I thought I was the only kid in the world with epilepsy. I wanted to have one day where everyone in the world could show support for people with epilepsy and teach people about epilepsy."

Cassidy Megan

Purple Day takes place on 26 March every year and is a fast-growing, international movement to get people talking about epilepsy. Purple Day was launched in 2008 by a young Canadian girl, Cassidy Megan, when she first found out she had epilepsy, and was afraid and embarrassed of what other people would think.

Purple Day is already the biggest epilepsy event in the calendar with over 100 countries taking part. Why purple? It's Cassidy Megan's favourite colour and is the international colour for epilepsy.


How you can help via Pennies

We’re all familiar with the idea of dropping our change into the charity box sitting on the shop counter. Pennies, the electronic charity box is exactly the same idea but it works instead when we pay by card. Simply choose to ‘top up’ your order by 25p at the checkout today, and Pennies will ensure that your donations are received by Epilepsy Connections.

Micro-donations are powerful. If every card holder in the UK donated just 30p a month, well over £150m would be raised for charity every year. Watch Robson Green talk about the difference your small change donations make in the video below:

To find out more about Pennies, you can visit their site here;


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