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Featured Brand – Hansgrohe

Selecting a featured brand from a list of high profile brands are not an easy thing to do, but the brand Hansgrohe is selected without a shadow of a doubt... Known for their German high quality, we had to choose Hansgrohe as one of our featured brands. Established back in 1901, Hansgrohe has grown to be know as the brand you can trust, for quality as well as style.  As a result, customers all over the world derive long-term enjoyment from them. The hansgrohe brands have set extremely high standards,  so the company only uses high-quality materials which are suitable for use with drinking water and which have been subjected to endurance tests.

If you love beautiful design in the bathroom and kitchen and recognise the importance of excellent quality, then the Hansgrohe brand is the right brand for you and your family. With hansgrohe, you will find an abundance of high quality premium products for showers, bathrooms and kitchens. What’s right for you and your home? Discover Hansgrohe's extensive range of high quality products: Bathroom taps and mixers for all types of wash basins, showers and bath tubs. Showers such as head showers, shower sets and shower systems which will invigorate you every morning. Kitchen products such as kitchen mixer taps, kitchen sinks in steel as well as granite and combi units consisting of a sink and a tap.

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Product Features

Hansgrohe kitchen taps attract many innovative technology benefiting from many features as below. All Hansgrohe kitchen taps attract a five year manufacturers guarantee as standard, always creating the highest quality products defines their approach to design, manufacturing and performance. "Made by Hansgrohe" is your assurance of quality.

The Select function can be used to stop and start the water flow at your kitchen tap conveniently at the touch of a button. For precise, ergonomic water control and easier housework, the selected temperature and flow are unaffected. Its an extremely useful feature when used in conjunction with any pull out rinse taps for total control. Watering plants, filling pots become less stressful with the help of the select feature. The select feature is now available across many Hansgrohe kitchen taps for your convenience.

Watch Select Demonstration Video

The innovative sBox tidies up the kitchen cabinet beautifully. It forms an integral part of the new hansgrohe sink combi unit and ensures that the hose for your pull-out tap can slide smoothly. The inconspicuous box is installed under the sink.

A pull out rinse hand spray has lots of advantages. It allows flexibility and freedom of movement, and makes filling up large pots very easy, for example. What happens to the hose when the kitchen tap pull out function is not in use? It hangs out in the floor of your cabinet unit, which is precisely where waste separation systems or useful detergents may be kept. For those who love to keep things tidy, Hansgrohe has invented a smart solution in the form of the sBox. The pull out rinse hose slides neatly, smoothly and really quietly within the housing of the sBox keeping your cabinet clutter free and operation of the pull out function to optimum.

Is the sBox also suitable for my kitchen? Yes. Even if you have a small kitchen, if your sink unit is a corner unit or if the waste system takes up lots of space in the floor unit. The 3 cm deep, 16 cm wide and 52 cm high Box fits into all floor units from a cabinet height of at least 74 cm. Even if you have a low cabinet body, the sBox is still the perfect choice. Just add the sBox F12 compensating element (article number #43333000) to the package.

Ideally, the sBox is installed directly below the kitchen tap. Two of the brackets are located on the bottom of the sBox and are screwed to the base or to the rear panel of the floor unit. Two other brackets are located further up, and are either screwed to or suspended on the rear panel. The mounting elements can be moved and rotated 360°. This makes it possible for fast, easy installation. Thanks to its high degree of flexibility, the Hansgrohe sBox can be installed in several ways. It is also easy to use in the following installation scenarios:

Obstacles on the floor or a rear panel that is shifted forwards. If installation is not possible directly below your kitchen tap (due to obstacles), or if a rear panel is shifted forwards, then the sBox is installed slightly tilted. It can be tilted backwards or forwards. To do this, align all the brackets to the front. If you want to clean behind the sBox, you can easily clip it out of its brackets. The maximum recommended tilt angle is +/- 20°.

Waste pull-out unit, waste systems or difficult-to-access angle valves. Do you have a waste system under the sink, which leaves no more space? No problem! Simply tilt the sBox to the side. The brackets can be screwed to the base, sides or rear panel as needed. So you can easily access the waste pull-out unit, waste system or angle valve in future too. The maximum recommended tilt angle is +/- 20°.

Corner sinks, sinks with draining boards or sinks with tap holes that are shifted to the side. If you are faced with one of these installation scenarios, you should install the sBox offset on the side panel. All the brackets are screwed to the side. You should avoid parallel displacement of the sBox. (If displacement is required for the installation, there must not be more than 30 mm between the tap and outlet axis of the sBox.)

Watch sBox Demonstration Video

Innovative Advantages

Save energy automatically

Kitchen sink and basin mixers cleverly conserve resources with this environmentally friendly technology from Hansgrohe. At the "Off" position, the mixer tap is set at 100% cold and as the handle is turned, the hot water is mixed feeding the hot water supply.

AirPower more volume with added air

With this shower technology, Hansgrohe mixes water with air, and you feel pleasantly sparkling AirPower all over your skin. As water enriched with air makes the droplets plumper, lighter and softer. This means you use your water more efficiently.

EcoSmart: save water and energy

Hansgrohe mixers and showers, which are fitted with EcoSmart technology, require up to 60% less water than conventional products – without any loss of comfort. This means you can reduce your water and energy costs and conserve valuable resources.

ComfortZone: mixers at different heights

Generous proportions, sophisticated technology, intuitive operation. Outstanding design, high safety standards and considerably enhanced comfort: Hansgrohe showers, mixers and thermostats with this trademark extend your ComfortZone.

QuickClean: easy limescale removal

Who really likes cleaning? Our invention, QuickClean, rapidly removes dirt and limescale deposits from mixers and showers. Flexible silicon naps make sure of this. Beware of copies: this QuickClean logo is the only guarantee of genuine Hansgrohe quality.

Need Further Inspiration?

Hansgrohe Aquano Select M81 sBox Has You Covered...

The Hansgrohe Aquano Select M81 has you covered 3 ways in your kitchen... This is the ultimate modern kitchen sink. The innovative kitchen sink mixer has a useful 360 rotation swan neck spout to cover multiple sinks. The it is fitted with a useful pull out rinse facility complete with sBox pull out hose housing kit to ensure you pull out tap not only works effortlessly, it keeps cabinet completely clear and neat.

Your fresh food fantasises about this soft shower: The flat spray of the Aquno Select M81 is gentle on bruise-prone fruit and vegetables. But that’s not all: The water washes small, delicate fruits efficiently when used with the Hansgrohe multi-function filter screen. Individual micro-fine jets make contact with the food at a shallow angle and rinse them in no time at all. The smart position of the spray, which is positioned at the tap base, close to the basin helps the wide SatinFlow jet’s optimised flow rate to conserve resources and minimise splashing.

No matter what’s happening in the sink, the shallow shower gives you an additional option alongside the clear laminar and voluminous shower spray. With the Aquno Select M81, you can switch intuitively to the jet type you need on the Hansgrohe sink. The three choices make the versatile tap an all-rounder for chores at the sink, while the combination of flat and curved features transform our flagship product into the new design archetype in the kitchen.

The tap has a useful shower function from the body for preparing salad and vegetables with ease, The tap has the flow to one side controlling the flow and temperature, while the tap also benefiting from the select on off button.

Add exclusive design elements to the kitchen. The design kitchen is a perfectly harmonised concert of all elements, especially when it comes to the bold look. The Aquno Select M81 comes with the choice of two exclusive surface finishes: elegant stainless steel or shiny chrome.

Which is the best sink for the Aquno Select M81? We recommend matching it with Hansgrohe stainless steel or SilicaTec counter-top or under-mounted single-basin sinks. The new and exclusive Aquno Select M81 kitchen tap looks very effective on large sinks. There are certain checks that need to be done if pairing it with a double-basin model with or without a strainer bowl, as there may be pre-drilled screw holes or markings for the kitchen tap. This sink model also requires a separator between the sink bowls.

No matter your choice of kitchen tap in this exciting new Hansgrohe range, the Aquno Select M81 is perfect for effortlessly easy workflows.


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