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Ceramic Kitchen Sinks

Ceramic sinks are made from natural raw materials, using traditional craftsmanship. Every sink is unique, which means that it is impossible to avoid minor tolerances in dimensions and colours. Due to manufacturing process, all ceramic sinks have a very hard, strong surface that is notable for being resistant to scratching, cutting and impacts. They are resistant to all domestic acids. However, damage may well occur if an exceptionally hard and heavy object comes into contact with the surface from a height. Ceramic sinks are extremely resistant to heat; they are not affected by normal kitchen temperatures. They are very easy to look after with the surface of the sink being particularly hard, with no crevices. These properties mean that dirt is unable to penetrate the material, so that wiping the dirt off the surface is all it takes to keep the sink clean. All ceramic sinks are light fast, which means you can put them in view of a window with constant sunlight, without fear of any discolouration. Sometimes lime scale build up can cause some discolouration but is easily removed with the correct cleaner (or some white wine vinegar).


Shaws ceramic sinks offer an attractive focal point for any traditional kitchen. The Shaws Original range, add warmth and personality to a family home with an assurance of quality that will last for generations. Clean, contemporary styling and traditional hand-crafted methods are bought together to form Shaws Classic range. This is a timeless range of authentic, quality ceramic sinks for modern spaces, including Butler and Belfast sinks. They are designed to suit a contemporary kitchen environment. The Shaws Collection of Insert & Under-mount ceramic sinks are ideal to use in a kitchen island.

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Perrin & Rowe fire-clay ceramic sinks are all created using time honoured traditional methods and materials, bearing testament to the craftsmen who produce them. Perrin & Rowe ceramic sinks demonstrate the natural characteristics of fireclay ceramics and are all manufactured in England. The Perrin and Rowe range of ceramic sinks offer traditional Belfast and Butler sink designs in a variety of sizes and finishes.

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Rangemaster ceramic sinks are produced from fire-clay, fired at extremely high temperatures. This provides superior strength, with an impressive high-gloss finish. There is very little that captures the true spirit of a traditional British kitchen quite like a Rangemaster ceramic sink. Rangemaster offer a wide range of ceramic sinks from contemporary inset styles to more traditional Belfast and Butler styles.

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The Leisure ceramic sink offer a non porous, stain proof surface that will not fade or discolour. It is perfect for the more traditional home or for those looking to co-ordinate modern with white worktops, Leisure's heavyweight ceramic sinks are made using high quality raw materials, alongside tried and tested manufacturing techniques to achieve perfect results time after time.

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Astini ceramic sinks are suitable for use in commercial kitchens, domestic kitchens and utility rooms, where both practicality and inspirational design are required. Fired at an intense heat to fuse the glaze, this durable, non-porous material produces a glossy, hard finish. They are available in various formats, suitable for under mounting, over mounting and surface mounting, along with finishes in luxurious white and black gloss glazes. Astini has an extensive range of contemporary and traditional inset sinks, Belfast, Butler and undermount ceramic sinks. This provides a high level of design flexibility.

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Astracast ceramic sinks offer indulgence to any home. They provide a vast range of ceramic sinks to compliment both traditional and contemporary settings. Astracast ceramic sinks are individually hand crafted and completed in fireclay. Cool and silky to the touch, they have a hard non-porous surface, allowing exceptional resistance to chemicals and heat. They are offered in a white gloss and a black gloss finish. Astracast have a range of unique designs from the square edged Geo to the more sophisticated Jersey designs.

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Franke have an all- encompassing range of ceramic sinks from modern inset sinks and undermount sinks to the more traditional Belfast and Butler styles. Franke ceramic sinks are made from kiln-fired porcelain for a tough, smooth gloss finish, able to withstand the harshest treatment. All Franke ceramic sinks have a fingertip-smooth high-gloss white and black finish designed to look perfectly pristine, even after years of reliable and meticulous service.

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The Villeroy and Boch collection of ceramic sinks offer timeless, attractive character pieces for contemporary and traditional kitchens. A Villeroy and Boch ceramic sink offer you more than 260 years of experience, competence and the security of a major brand. Villeroy and Boch create products that enrich life, with impeccable design, lasting quality and with an assured sense of style. The range offer unique inset styles; including corner ceramic sinks, contemporary undermount sinks and a range of farm house Butler ceramic sinks.

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Reginox, prominently a stainless steel sink manufacturer, have introduced a small range of ceramic sinks to complement their ever growing portfolio of sinks. All Reginox ceramic sinks are made from premium grade materials to a high specification and quality. They offer modern styling with a hint of tradition. This ceramic sink solution will be suitable for any kitchen environment. Reginox inset ceramic sinks are available in high gloss white and black finishes. The Reginox Belfast sink is produced in line with the original Belfast sink with a weir overflow design.

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Caple offer a wide collection of ceramic sinks, from contemporary and traditional inset designs in gloss white, cream and black. They offer an extensive range of farm house style sinks, including Butler and Belfast sinks, along with more contemporary undermount options. All Caple ceramic sinks are manufactured using time aged methods and materials, making every one unique. Whichever style you choose, Caple ceramic sinks are durable and easy to maintain with their smooth, gleaming glaze. If your kitchen is of a traditional design or a country style, you cannot go wrong with a classic ceramic sink from Caple.

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Carron Phoenix ceramic sinks are manufactured from fireclay in the traditional way. Each sink is formed in a mould then finished by hand before the glaze is applied. The sink is then fired at high temperature in a kiln. For this reason, no two Carron Phoenix ceramic sinks are ever identical. This fact makes each sink unique. All sink have a lustrous, non-porous surface that is extremely resistant to heat and chemicals. Carron Phoenix offer a range of ceramic sinks for any modern or traditional home.

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