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Ceramic Belfast Sinks vs Stainless Steel

For many people, the units they choose for their kitchen, together with the colour scheme and even the type of tiles that they would like are the decisions that are the first ones they make. The type of sink that you choose can play just as important a role to your overall kitchen design. The sink is, however, an integral and vital part of any kitchen, whatever the style. And, it doesn’t just have to be practical - it can also be an aesthetically attractive feature. Many people are choosing Belfast sinks for their kitchens and it isn’t hard to see why.

What is a Belfast Sink?

Belfast sinks are not a new phenomenon, they have been around since the 1700’s; as designs go they have really stood the test of time. Originally designed in Belfast, they feature a deep white ceramic bowl, sturdy side walls and a clean elegant design which is effortlessly simple. They have an in-built overflow, a practical feature at the time as Belfast had a good supply of fresh water – they are sometimes confused with butler sinks which were predominately used in London and didn’t have an overflow.

Why choose a ceramic sink over a stainless steel one?

When it comes to choosing between these two types of sink, an overwhelming factor in people’s decision to choose a Belfast sink is undeniably the look it can create in a kitchen. The simplicity and clean lines can create a real focal point in a kitchen of what is often a very overlooked item. Not only are they stunning to look at, but they are incredibly practical.

Whilst most modern kitchens boast a dishwasher there are still many items that are either unsuitable for putting in the dishwasher or that are of a more delicate nature that people prefer to wash by hand. The depth of a Belfast sink makes it very practical for taking a decent load of washing up and therefore ideal for those home with a larger family.

Belfast sinks are very easy to clean, and very durable. It is worth remembering however that should you drop a more delicate item of crockery in a Belfast sink there is a chance there is a higher chance it will break than with a stainless-steel sink, due to the nature of the material it is made from. By the same token, over time a stainless-steel sink can pick up scratches and even some discolouration which can detract from the overall look of your kitchen.

The right choice

A Belfast sink makes an ideal choice for a variety of different kitchens types, whether your kitchen is small or large, contemporary or more traditional in style a Belfast sink will make a perfect addition to your designs. And because it is now possible to buy a variety of different styles as well as the more traditional rectangular Belfast sinks, from smaller square sinks to double Belfast sinks there really is something to suit every kitchen and every budget. Why not consider one for your home?