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bronze kitchen taps

Out with the old and in with the new is not always the case, especially when it comes to your kitchen taps. With a plethora of tap fittings to choose from including brushed steel, polished steel and even the option to have coloured ones to suit your design requirements, bronze tap fittings can often be over looked. Although some may consider bronze to be old in its appearance, bronze taps are in fact growing in popularity in interior design projects across the country.

At TapsUK we aim to cater for all tastes and styles, therefore subsequently as part of our portfolio of products we offer a high quality range of bronze kitchen mixer taps that will help any home portray a timeless design. Perfect for any country cottage, modern barn conversion or even a contemporary city home to create those finishing touches that catch your guests’ eyes as they roam across your kitchen.

Made from solid brass our taps are designed to last the test of time and are available in both traditional and contemporary designs to suit any kitchen sink. Whether you are seeking lever or twist handles, our Monobloc bronze kitchen taps are deck mounted with swivel spouts designed to create a smooth champagne flow of water.

Caring for your bronze kitchen taps is of paramount importance. By the very nature of the metal composition of brass it is prone to corrosion and green film forming, however, by regular cleaning your kitchen fixtures will last for years to come. The kitchen sink is a dirty area and therefore the build-up of household grime and food matter can be damaging if not removed as it will eat away at the surface of the bronze faucets. A daily cleaning routine of simply wiping the taps clean with a soft dry cloth can keep them looking just like new.

However should you find that grime has built up, simply take a clean soft bristle brush and use with an approved gentle cleansing solution such as salt and water, and scrub away the grime ensuring that you finish by wiping over with a clean cloth.

Like with any bronze object over time they can begin to look drab and tired. But to get your kitchen taps back to their former glory simply give them a polish using a clean cloth and liquid wax, remembering to use some elbow grease to really give them a shine.

Finally it is important to take precautions to prevent bronze disease forming, which is when the chlorides from cleaning chemicals combine with oxygen and moisture that results in green spots forming on the surface. A special solution of sodium sesquicarbonate can be used but only by a professional plumber as it is requires careful handling and application.

The kitchen is often the focal point for any home and therefore it should be treated with the care and attention it deserves. Why not dare to be different by opting for bronze taps and create a timeless feature in today’s modern home.