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Where can I buy copper, bronze and gold kitchen taps, wastes and accessories?

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With trends in modern design changing all the time, and many people spending more time at home than ever – small changes can really bring your kitchen back to life.

Copper was the first colour to really break through and become popular in modern kitchens, especially with the industrial steampunk style of old copper fittings. After copper we saw the emergence of other colours, and a return of colours that had gone out of fashion like gold.

Our range of 90mm Astini Wastes, from left to right, antique bronze, brushed copper, chrome, gold and antique copper.

Most manufacturers have now updated their offerings to include these new finishes, a few popular brands to mention are Astini, Abode, Rangemaster, Caple and Reginox.

Many of the colours have leaned towards a more traditional finish, pairing up well with ceramic kitchen sinks – especially farmhouse belfast sinks. As this trend established, manufacturers have offered taps and wastes in the same finish to accent a kitchen. This means that your kitchen sink area now ties in with any design choices you have made in your kitchen. Suprisingly, most of these finishes don’t break the bank either, with Astini offering the best cost-to-quality ratio in the brands mentioned above.

The really surprising side effect of these colours becoming more popular is how creative people are getting with the colours/finishes to create really beautiful, original designs – that any one would be happy to have in their own kitchen.

To the right, you can see the Astini 2.0 bowl belfast sink, that has been plated in a beautiful copper colour, with a matching Astini Echo tap. Popularity of design meant that the sink sold out within the first few days of being launched – and it’s not hard to see why when it fits so wonderfully into a modern kitchen design.

Caple have a massive range of coloured undermount sinks, with finishes exclusive to them – and we recommend taking a look at their website for design ideas and inspiration. They do a massive range of appliances and accessories, as well as kitchen sinks and taps which are all available on

You can see a full range of our kitchen sinks in various colours and finishes by clicking through to our kitchen sink section.

Wait, I have more questions!

This was just a brief introduction to the possibilities for your kitchen design, if you need any help or guidance, our team is on hand to point you in the right direction.

You can email us a, or call through on 01527 868 510 for assistance weekdays 9-5 (more information on our contact us page).

Until the next time.

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