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What are the different types of toilets?

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There are 3 main types of toilets that differ mainly by how they are fitted within a room and how much space they take up. Toilets come in a wide variety of traditional and contemporary design styles and sizes to suit all bathrooms, en-suites, and cloakrooms. Read our guide to learn about the different types of toilets and the benefits of each toilet type to find the one ideal for you. 

Close-Coupled Toilet 

The Close-Coupled Toilet is generally the most common in the UK and by design takes on the traditional ‘L’ shape. The close-coupled toilet has developed from the high-level toilet still found in traditional bathrooms and older buildings where the cistern is positioned high above the toilet bowl or pan.  

The design of a close-coupled toilet generally features a cistern directly above the toilet pan, creating one streamlined unit ‘closely coupled together. Pipework is hidden within the close-coupled toilet making them quicker and easier to install.  Close-coupled toilets come with either a traditional flush handle, flush button, or sensor flush and due to their compact nature are ideal for fitting in small or awkward spaces such as bathroom recesses or cloakrooms. 

Close-coupled toilets are taller than wall-hung or back-to-wall as the cistern is not concealed but they are also available in comfort height, providing additional height for anyone who finds a standard toilet too low. Close-coupled toilets come in a wide range of designs from the contemporary/modern with smooth, soft angles to the traditional old school styles featuring low or high-level cisterns, chrome downpipes, and ceramic flush handles. The price of a close-coupled toilet can vary from as little as £60 to as much as £500. We recommend spending a little more to invest in a quality product that would last, the most common price range for a close-coupled toilet being approximately £200-300.  

Back-to-Wall Toilet 

A back-to-wall toilet is a more contemporary option, minimalising the look of your bathroom and saving space. There are two types of back-to-wall toilets, the first being where the cistern is concealed within a wall, this may require more space and can be more complicated to install due to the need for either a purpose-built box section or a stud wall. The second is where the bowl or pan is fitted closely against the wall and the cistern is concealed within a furniture unit.  

The cistern for a back-to-wall toilet is usually sold separately and is accessible through flush panels fitted to the wall or built into the unit itself. With either fitting option the toilet slots in where the wall and floor meet so do not require any support frame, the pipes and cistern are also concealed providing ease for maintenance and cleaning with just the toilet bowl on show.  

Back-to-wall toilets create a real sense of space, providing style and function, and are a great choice for the smaller bathroom. The cost of a back-to-wall toilet usually falls between £150-£250 but can start from as little as £60. 

Wall Hung Toilet 

Wall-hung toilets have become more popular, particularly in contemporary spaces and high-end bathrooms. There are many benefits to the wall-hung toilet compared to the standard close-coupled toilet or back-to-wall toilet but as wall-hung toilets are attached to the wall itself by a frame with the cistern to be concealed they are better suited to brand new bathrooms or complete bathroom renovations. 

As a wall-hung toilet is mounted onto the wall instead of the floor, the cistern and installation frame are generally concealed within the wall and accessed easily by a panel. The reduced outward profile of the toilet takes up less floor space, providing an illusion of space as well as a greater cleanable area as there is no exposed pipework, pedestal, or cistern you can clean easily all around and underneath it, handy in smaller bathrooms.  

Wall-hung toilets also help to reduce noise in the bathroom as sound does not travel to the floor. They can also be fitted at height to suit your needs so are perfect for anyone with limited mobility or who has difficulty with low toilets.  

Wall-hung toilets come in a variety of styles and shapes with clean, simple lines that float above the floor to create a sleek and modern look, a great option for modern bathrooms of all sizes and budgets. A good quality wall-hung toilet would cost in the region of £150-£250 but for more unique styling they can go up to £500. 

Toilet Brands & Availability

Those are the main types of toilets, obviously, there are different designs on top of that for traditional and modern settings. We have offerings from both RAK, Hudson Reed, and Nuie so there is bound to be something suitable for your needs, so if you follow this link you can check out our massive range of toilets, and do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales team if you need any help on 01527 868 510.

You can also find more information, spec sheets etc. on the manufacturer’s website;




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