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10 reasons why you should choose a Villeroy and Boch ceramic kitchen sink

Villeroy and Boch is considered in the kitchen and bathroom industry as a premium brand. The kitchen sinks and accessories are a successful blend of technical specification as well as elegant European design which makes light work of the day to day chores in the kitchen. Villeroy and Boch range of ceramic sink not only delivers style and elegance, the practical accessories and complementary kitchen tap creates a workstation making life easier in any home. If you are considering purchasing a ceramic sink for your kitchen, here are 10 reasons why we feel you should consider purchasing a Villeroy and Boch ceramic kitchen sink.

1. Hygienic and totally food safe

How hygenic is a ceramic kitchen sink? Villeroy and Boch ceramic sink are made from totally natural material meaning it is totally odour and taste neutral. This meaning all Villeroy and Boch sinks are totally food safe, whether you are preparing meat for your much overdue dinner party or your just preparing fish for your healthy sushi, you are sure to know your sink is perfectly food safe to prepare any type of food for any occasion.

2. Resistant to mild scratches and cuts

Will it scratch my sink if I cut an apple on my sink? Villeroy and Boch high quality ceramic kitchen sink surface is extremely robust and is resistant to mild scratches and cuts from the sharpest of kitchen knifes. The hard wearing fire clay surface may be smooth but it is tough enough for most mild cuts and scratches from day to day use, meaning the use of sharp kitchen preparation tools can be used without worry, as they leave hardly any traces of use.

3. Resistant to mild impacts

Ever had a moment you may have smashed or broken something on impact? The high quality super hard fire clay ceramic means the surface of the sink is extremely robust and is resistant to everyday mild knocks. If you happen to be little heavy handed with your pots and pans even at high temperature, don't worry, the sink is resistant to mild knocks from impact.

4. Remarkably heat resistant

Have you ever wondered if it's safe to put a baking dish, hot pots or pans directly on to a kitchen sink? The high quality Villeroy and Boch ceramic kitchen sink surface is remarkably resistant to heat, this meaning hot baking dishes, pots and pans left on the surface of the sink for a short period of time leave no trace on the surface.

5. Extremely easy to care

Are you tired of cleaning your kitchen sink? If you are tiered of cleaning your kitchen sink then the CeramicPlus coated sink are the one for you. Developed by Villeroy and Boch, the special CeramicPlus has been developed for easy to care solution for ceramic surfaces. The surface has been treated so any fluids contacting the sink surface simply develop in to droplets and simply bead off into the waste outlet. Residues from muddy boots, unwanted gravy to red wine can hardly stick to the surface of the sink and are swept away… CeramicPlus coated sinks are extremely hygienic and lime scale and other stubborn liquids are easy removed. The surface is resistant to alkaline and normal acid based household domestic articles and cosmetic and medical liquids

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6. Amazing acid resistance

You may read that acidic substance can damage the surface of the sink over a period of time. You can rest assured a Villeroy and Boch sink with or without CeramicPlus coating offer amazing resistance to acidic household cleaners, detergents, fruits, sauces and food. a simple rinse and dry after contact is all you need to maintain the sink in it's original condition.

7. Light fast in every colour

Will a Villeroy and Boch ceramic sink fade over time in sunlight, especially if I install it in front of my window? You will be pleased to know that all Villeroy and Boch sinks are light fast in every colour meaning what ever colour you choose to have, your sink will stay in it's the original colour, even if it is installed in front of a large window in Dubai! Thanks to the high quality colour fast colour coating with added benefit of ceramic plus coating on most ranges, you be sure your sink will stay the same shade as you first install it.

8. Amazing stain resistance

With or without the help of CeramicPlus, Villeroy and Boch sink has amazing resistance to stains, meaning food and drink such as beetroot, jam, red wine leave no permanent marks on your sink. A quick rinse and dry is all you need to do to keep up it's original appearance of the sink. For more stubborn stains, a gentle sink cleaner is all that's required to restore it to it's original condition.

9. Extensive range of colours to match any kitchen

Looking for something different? A splash of unusual colour may be to brighten up your kitchen? Perhaps a decor white pearl print on the face of your farmhouse sink or the drainer. Villeroy and Boch not only offer high quality ceramic kitchen sinks, it offer one of the largest range of colours and finishes as well as decor pattern! Choose from over 20 shades of colours ranging from black, graphite, grey, red, blue stone, beige and more to the traditional white. Majority of the colours and decor finishes are available as a special order but it's something worth waiting for...

10. Largest range of ceramic kitchen sink

Not only Villeroy and Boch offer high quality ceramic kitchen sink, it offer one of the largest range of ceramic kitchen sink. With new ranges and models been added annually, it not only boasts high quality but offer a ceramic sink for both modern and traditional kitchens! Whether you are looking for modern undermount sink to match with a granite worktop, or looking for more traditional butler or farmhouse style kitchen sink for a traditional shaker kitchen cabinet, there is certainly a ceramic kitchen sink for any discerning buyer.

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Villeroy & Boch Kitchen Sink in 60 Seconds

Here is a short video about Villeroy and Boch kitchen sink in 60 seconds!

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