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Schock Sinks & Taps

The Company

SCHOCK invented the granite sink and has been one of the leading manufacturer worldwide for over 30 years. In addition to its own brand name manufacturing business, the company serves as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), supplying some of the leading kitchen furniture and stainless steel sink manufacturers. Today, around 75% of the 2 million sinks sold every year globally are produced based on manufacturing procedures developed by SCHOCK.

Customers in more than 70 countries put their trust in SCHOCK products. The SCHOCK product line features sinks and taps for every style and taste - modern, classic or rustic. SCHOCK attaches high priority to the sustainability of its products and production methods.
All SCHOCK sinks are made of durable and ecologically sound materials. All sinks are manufactured exclusively in Germany to extremely rigorous quality standards. The production complies with German environmental standards - the most stringent in the world. SCHOCK subscribes to the Environmental Pact of Bavaria and, in 2010, achieved independent certification according to EMAS (EU´s Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) and ISO 14001. This voluntary commitment safeguards the continuous enhancement of environmental standards, going considerably beyond the statutory requirements. Continuous investment and the latest resource-saving technologies promote energy-efficient manufacture, helping to preserve our environment in the future.

The world of SCHOCK materials

Around 80% of the material used in SCHOCK sinks is quartz, the hardest constituent of granite. Thus, they are also known as “granite sinks”. Over the past thirty years, the granite sinks developed and patented by SCHOCK have achieved a highly acclaimed reputation as premium products. More than 1.5 million sinks are sold each year throughout the world.

The granite used in SCHOCK sinks is combined with the high-grade acrylic to produce a hardened composite material that is resistant to cracks and dirt and also responsible for the long life of the sinks.
Materials such as CRISTADUR and CRISTALITE have been specifically developed by SCHOCK to meet the requirements of modern kitchens. They withstand daily use without a trace. All SCHOCK sinks are ex- tremely durable and easy to clean - red wine, coffee and heavy pans leave absolutely no marks.