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Kitchen Taps Modern Designs

Modern kitchens are becomingly increasingly far removed from the old, traditional set up of a pair of standard taps with the familiar four cross headed appearance. Designs are more elegant and combine longer spouts that can be contemporary angular or curve pleasingly to the eye. The array of modern designs is plentiful and there should always be something to meet your aesthetic and operational requirements. Modern kitchen taps can really help finish off the look of your kitchen whilst combining improved functionality.

Kitchen Taps can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Sleeker and sharper tap designs or a single lever can assist you in controlling the flow and temperature of the water more easily than ever before.

The internal workings of modern designs that feature ceramic discs are a solid option. The discs allow for smooth operation and are hard wearing which means they will carry on working beautifully while other, cheaper options are coughing and spluttering!

You can also choose whether to opt for a built in water filter to help remove the taste of the chemicals found in the water supply. No more need for plastic jugs that require topping up, it’s all looked after within the tap and individual outlets keep hot and cold filtered water apart from each other. Now you can easily enjoy the taste of cleaner water from the convenience of your sink.

Pull out rinsers are becoming increasingly popular too. They are very useful for tasks away from the sink, such as washing down plates, filling buckets or rinsing off vegetables. They can also reach every part of the sink when it’s time to give it a good clean out. They give users more options to help make everyday tasks that little bit easier

For those with double sinks, a swivel spout tap is a sensible choice. It allows you to easily fill either sink with just the one unit. They can look very stylish in the right setting and become a real feature of your kitchen. Our own Lazio model is a stylish example that looks great in any modern kitchen.


There are some basic principles to consider when selecting the style of taps that you wish to have in your kitchen.

Older homes, cottages and anyone with a farmhouse or country style kitchen will be better served by choosing a suitable traditional look. This doesn’t mean that any of the modern advantages available need to be sacrificed. Our Perry taps would look spectacular in such a kitchen or with a Belfast sink for example and make a real statement.

More modern and cutting edge kitchens can accommodate a cleaner, sharper look. Get the taps to match the lines and feel of your modern kitchen and it will help to complete the look with wonderful results whilst giving you all the operational benefits. Choices such as Rio, Levantar and Polaris all fit this brief but many more are available. Expert advice is on hand if you are unsure which to choose.

Installation and Care

Modern taps are easily fitted to your kitchen sink. Ensure that all washers are put in correctly and any flexible tubes are free from obstruction before assembling. Tighten the fitting by hand at first to get the taps in the best position and when completing the job with a tool do not over tighten the screws or you can create stress on the sink and cracks may evolve with ceramic sinks. Go steadily and check the fitting is stable as you go and once there is no movement then you know that the fitting is secure.

The taps themselves should be kept free from marks and stains with the simple appliance of some soapy water of a gentle water/wine vinegar mix for more stubborn marks.

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