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Kitchen low pressure taps

Lower Pressure Kitchen Taps

Are you updating or renovating your kitchen or maybe even adding a utility room? You might have decided on the layout and where various appliances will go.  But you possibly haven't thought how much difference the right kitchen tap can make.  They can really add a flourishing touch to the look of your kitchen- the heart of your home.  

They can also make life easier with various features such as:

  •     Flexible heads- Our monoblock with pullout spray mixer allows you to jet wash dishes and plates as well as clean around your sink and draining board
  •     Swivel spouts which allow you to turn the taps and at 90 degrees and give you more access to your sink for example when filling large bowls or buckets.
  •     High spouts that allow you to easily wash and fill large pots and pans
  •     Different handles such as cross shaped and knob handles as well as various finishes from classic chrome and stainless steel to antique bronze and brushed steel.

To get the best performance your new tap, you will need to choose one designed for the pressure in your home. 

Kitchen Taps Low Pressure

What are lower pressure kitchen taps?  These are taps which have been specifically designed to work in homes that have low water pressure in the kitchen or utility room.  Note: it is the pressure of your hot water system that counts.

Why is this important?  If you install a tap that requires a high pressure system and yours is low pressure then you will have an extremely weak flow of hot water.  Sometimes the flow is too weak to enable the tap to supply hot water.  More often than not if it is a mixer tap, the cold (at higher pressure) will flow through normally but you won’t be able to get enough hot water through to get the temperature you want.

Homes with modern comib-heaters or gas water heaters are pressurised water systems which give you a continuous flow of hot water.  The boiler is usually found in the kitchen and this high pressure system gives you hot water on demand.  Another version of a high pressure system is a pump system.  This is where the hot water tank in your airing cupboard has a top called a Megaflo which pumps hot water around your home giving you the high pressure you want. If you have either of these high-pressure systems then you don’t need to worry about low pressure kitchen taps and can choose from our full range.
Low pressure systems are also called gravity fed.  This is where the cold water tank is in the attic and your hot water tank is in your airing cupboard.  So the only thing creating the hot water pressure is the vertical distance between the top of your hot water tank and the kitchen tap.  This typically gives you a 0.5 bar pressure (which is low).

In this situation, you need to have low pressure kitchen taps.

You will find that we have a complete range of low pressure kitchen taps including modern chrome, traditional taps, sink mixer taps, dual lever sink mixers and even ones in colonial antique bronze.

We invite you to browse though our selection of low pressure kitchen taps or contact on of our helpful sales staff on 0843 713 0200 who will discuss the various options with you.