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Kitchen Filter Taps

Despite tap water in the UK being safe to drink, the water we consume is treated with chemicals to kill off any harmful bacteria, but heavy metals, chlorine and lime used in tap water can leave an unpleasant taste. This is why many homes look to have some form of water filter in their home to improve the taste of tap water, which can also lead to scaly build up on appliances such as kettles

Of course, water filter jugs are an easy and convenient way to do this, but at Taps UK, we have a wide selection of kitchen filter taps from leading brands such as Brita and Grohe, that allow even more convenience. Kitchen filter taps cleanse the water as it comes out of the tap, so you can have fresh, puretasting water direct from your kitchen sink.

What is a Kitchen Filter Tap?

Kitchen filter taps are an innovative concept for kitchen faucets that are designed to look just like an ordinary kitchen tap, but make access to pure water much simpler. They have an additional water feed outlet that passes through a water filter cartridge plumbed in underneath the sink. The water is cleaned when it passes through the cartridge and gives clean filtered water straight from the tap.

There are various different designs styles available with kitchen filter taps that include traditional styles, like the Brita Kelda Chrome, with a three-way tap that includes a standard hot and cold outlet, as well as an additional filter outlet that usually sits in the middle. However, more contemporarydesigns have a single mixer outlet that filters all hot and cold water, like the Grohe Blue Pure Chrome, so there are styles to suit everyone’s tastes.

Do they require special installation and maintenance?

With a kitchen filter tap, there is additional installation required that can be a little more complex than standard faucets, as you need to ensure the water filter cartridge and pump system is correctly installed from the mains cold water feed without compromising the standard water supply.

However, many companies, such as Brita offer free installation of their kitchen tap filter systems to ensure they are installed and functioning correctly, if you don’t want to do it yourself. Alternatively a qualified plumber will easily be able install the system.

Of course, as with your standard water filter jug, the cartridges and kitchen filter tap systems will require some maintenance to keep them functioning at their best. Over a period of time, the water filter cartridge will need to be replaced.

Changing filters should be a straightforward process but the frequency of replacement will depend on the type of filter you install, as different filters have different water volume capacities. For example, systems like the Grohe Blue taps will generally last up to six months, filtering up to 500 litres of water and will alert you that a change is required with a light on the handle.

The benefits of installing a kitchen filter tap means you will always have easy access to clean, pure water and can even save money by filling water bottles with filtered water from home, rather than buying bottled water.

At Taps UK we have plenty of designs to choose from that can transform your kitchen design. Check out our complete range of kitchen filter taps below.