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Kitchen Bridge Taps Information

Here we aim to provide you with some information and stimulate your thought process for when it comes to buying kitchen bridge taps for your home. There is much to contemplate so let’s get started with helping you sift through your options and choices.

Obviously, it is impossible for us to cover every eventuality here as we don’t know the exact style of your kitchen, what water system you have or your homes water pressure but we can still offer you a foundation of knowledge from which you can build. Following on from this of course you can always contact us via the website for more help or give us a call. We would be more than happy to help.

We have innovative ideas for tap design and an extensive range for you to choose from. We understand that apart from being an important factor in the overall design/look of your kitchen, a tap also has to be a fully functioning piece of kitchen equipment that you are going to use every single day. So, apart from good looks and sleek lines, you need excellent manufacturing quality and one hundred percent reliability.

In addition to our cutting edge designs offering hot and cold water, we also offer filtered water options that will reduce lime scale, chlorine and therefore eliminate your need to buy bottles of mineral water.

All bridge taps come with a single spout that is fed by both the hot and cold water supply, each of which is operated by its own control handle. They are fixed to the kitchen worktop at the back of the sink. We offer modern sleek lines and traditional Victorian looking styles for that ‘Downtown Abbey’ below stairs look! The type of handles available also gives you a variety of options, from levers to crosses or knobs on your kitchen bridge mixer taps.

The finish of the bridge taps is more often than not in chrome but other metals like brushed nickel, antique bronze and gold deck taps are also options that you can choose from.

Our inclusive designs are inherently accessible by everybody, so they can be used by the young and elderly alike and many are totally useable by people with disabilities.

The idea behind our inclusive designs is the concept of creating kitchens that are not just built to be aesthetically pleasing on the eye but also usable by everyone in the household.

Quality is the key

Buying low quality cheap kitchen mixer taps can be a false economy because they will definitely show signs of wear and tear very quickly. Poor quality taps will have the chrome starting to wear off in no time at all and worse still, the mechanism often becomes loose and problematic.

It’s not worth spending a lot of money on your kitchen and then trying to save a few pounds with a cheap mixer tap. It makes sense to take your time and select a good quality design for your kitchen bridge taps so that you can be confident they will stand the test of time.

For more advice about kitchen bridge taps, please contact us now.