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Hansgrohe – Supplying brand quality since 1901

Hansgrohe is one of the leading sanitary companies and manufactures products of the highest quality in terms of both form and function. As a result, customers all over the world derive long-term enjoyment from them. The AXOR and hansgrohe brands have set really high standards: so the company only uses high-quality materials which are suitable for use with drinking water and which have been subjected to endurance tests. Hansgrohe's own stringent guidelines, plus regular testing by independent institutes, ensure that you will enjoy long-term satisfaction.

Bathroom visions since 1901 – all thanks to our passion for water, our love of innovation and perfection and our responsibility to the environment and society. Want to create pamper and comfort zones in your home that all your senses can enjoy? hansgrohe helps you transform your bathroom and kitchen into havens of well-being; for an exhilarating start to the day and a relaxing end to it. Because we are in love with water. Because we enjoy pampering people like you all around the world with a broad range of beautiful products. And because we strive to constantly become that little bit better.

“Made by Hansgrohe” quality

High standards in the world of bathrooms. All over the world, Hansgrohe is synonymous with durable quality products in exceptional design, with ease of use and with intelligent functions. Since 1901, “Made in Germany” has been a recipe for success for the mixer and shower manufacturer. Around 80% of production takes place in Germany: at several plants located in the vicinity of the company's headquarters in the Black Forest. Hansgrohe delivers to more than 140 countries on all continents, and around 80% of its sales are generated abroad. The company, which has a broad international base, remains devoted to keeping its German production site. Why? The answer from the Black Forest is: “because we count on German expertise and offer our customers a guarantee of quality”. From there, the standards are passed on: continuous quality management ensures top product and service quality in all Hansgrohe plants around the world.

Hansgrohe supplies sustainable, durable products The bathroom professionals from Schiltach only use high-quality materials, apply sustainable production methods, innovative thinking and trendsetting research. Hansgrohe is fully committed to the health and well-being of its customers and employees. With these self-imposed quality standards, the company is really raising the bar in the sanitation industry. Many Hansgrohe products exceed the applicable standards in the sanitary sector. Hansgrohe customers benefit as a result – with reassurance when making purchasing decisions. These branded products are of the highest quality – and have an exceptionally long service life. After all, people usually only plan a bathroom or kitchen once or twice in their lifetime.

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Hansgrohe Bathroom Mixers
Avantgarde, Modern, Classic: My style in the bathroom

Select the perfect bathroom tap and enjoy your own personal style First find your own bathroom style, then customise it and enjoy it: the bathroom professionals from hansgrohe make it their mission to help you with this. Find your style and the perfect tap here.

Avantgarde? Modern? Classic? Be inspired. You are free to develop your own personal taste by creating a bathroom ambience that expresses your own personality, turning your bathroom into a feel-good room. Whether you are renovating and want to replace your old bathroom taps or aiming to completely change the architecture of the bathroom.

Hansgrohe bathroom mixer range

PuraVida mixers. Sensuous shapes, quality materials, innovative technology hansgrohe's avantgarde PuraVida mixer range is future-oriented in both form and function. Anyone who appreciates beautiful things will love its award-winning sculptural look and multitude of innovative extras. The white/chrome finish adds a new design dimension to your bathroom. The dual material principle (DualFinish) allows surfaces to seamlessly blend together while brightening up the room with chrome and white. A union of charm and comfort, which constitutes sheer pleasure. The intuitive operation of the stepless pin handle makes it a pleasure to use. In addition to their obvious beauty, PuraVida mixers also have hidden eco-friendly features: they save both water and energy.

Metropol basin taps. Graceful taps, for a geometric bathroom ambience Welcome to hansgrohe’s “parallel world” in the bathroom. The top-quality Metropol tap range stands out thanks to its precise, geometric design. Along with its linear design, Metropol also offers a variety of handles, spout heights and spout lengths. This offers you lots of design options for your wash basin, bidet, bath tub or shower. The basin tap in the Select variant is controlled intuitively, at the touch of a button. The floor-standing single lever taps for wash basins and bath tubs make impressive design statements in your bathroom.

Talis mixers. Featuring exceptional ease of use to pamper you! Now featuring the Select button hansgrohe offers two Talis mixer ranges featuring Select technology: Talis Select S and Talis Select E. Here we have a fusion of form and function, the lever completely disappears and you can control your mixer at the touch of a button. This offers you the ultimate in convenience and also helps you save water, because this kind of intuitive operation encourages you to turn the water off. You will love this completely new Talis design concept. If you like the characteristic pin handles or rotatable spouts on the Talis design: the standard versions are still included in the range - some in the new design.

Focus mixers. Modern mixers in a clear, two-dimensional design concept, providing ultimate convenience Do you appreciate timeless design that blends harmoniously into your everyday life? Do you enjoy spacious comfort? hansgrohe's Focus mixer range is at your service – here to ensure that you have ample freedom of movement while carrying out your daily routine. Focus allows you to utilise the free space in your bathroom to do exactly what you need to do: whether that's wet shaving or filling a vase.

Logis basin and bath mixers – harmonious design in the ComfortZone. Inviting, homely and user-friendly The latest hansgrohe mixers blend in perfectly with the full range of modern wash basins – ideal for two-dimensional and smooth-edged bathroom ceramics alike.

Metropol Classic mixers. High-quality accents for stylish bathrooms Use Metropol Classic to add aesthetic highlights to a bathroom full of elegance and harmony: With its elegant, sweeping lines, the hansgrohe mixer range will integrate seamlessly into classic style worlds. In particular, subtle details in gold finish embody the highest standards of craftsmanship and will permanently enhance any bathroom. Choose from a wide variety of Metropol Classic products and combine handle variants and different spout heights with applications for all bathroom areas.

Metris Classic mixers. The graceful modern classic Does a combination of nostalgic charm and trendsetting technology sound ideal to you? With its classic design, hansgrohe's Metris Classic mixer range exudes the luxury of a bygone era. The handle and spout display light, modern curves, and the chrome finish adds high-quality touches to your bathroom. With automatic water volume restriction of 5 litres/minute, Metris Classic mixers are also economical and environmentally friendly.

Talis Classic mixers. Nostalgic beauty meets environmentally friendly technology Add classic beauty to your bathroom with hansgrohe's Talis Classic mixer range. Here, minimalist geometric shapes meet traditional style elements – a coordinated overall composition. No fuss, no excitement: Talis Classic is ideal for designing elegant bathrooms. With automatic water volume restriction of 5 litres/minute, Talis Classic mixers are also economical and environmentally friendly.

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Hansgrohe Shower Mixers
Shower range from Hansgrohe

The beauty of water. Take a shower with hansgrohe's shower heads. You will be able to feel and see the difference: our shower heads gently douse, wonderfully refresh and vigorously massage. Browse through our variety of products including overhead, hand and side showers as well as shower systems. Let yourself be pampered: with up to sixteen different spray modes, countless shower head sizes and award-winning designs. Find out all about the innovative Select technology that allows you to select jet types at the touch of a button. You will probably never want to use any other shower head again.

Hansgrohe bathroom mixer range

Hand showers are diversity in design, sophisticated shower technology and up to three jet types – at the touch of a button. hansgrohe manufactures hand showers for every taste, requirement and any budget. Choose from our wide range of products and take advantage of our more than 112 years' worth of shower and design expertise.

Shower sets, hand shower plus shower bar: your ideal shower set. The broad, multi-faceted hansgrohe range includes popular shower sets such as Raindance Select hand shower plus Unica'S Puro shower bar, Croma 100 plus Unica' Croma shower bar and combinations of hand shower and shower bracket. When it comes to Unica Comfort ranges, the name says it all. Unica' E shower bars come with a practical glass shelf for shower toiletries. You will also find shower combinations consisting of a shower set and thermostat mixer.

Overhead and side showers, get that feel-good factor with a rain shower - switch from a massage to rain shower head at the touch of a button. hansgrohe overhead showers are an incomparable source of refreshment and relaxation. They gently douse you in water, envelop the body in dream-like shower rain, vigorously massage and thoroughly rinse out shampoo. Rain shower heads come in different shapes and sizes and feature different jet types, turning any shower into customised water indulgence. They offer XXL Performance and are real eye-catchers – many of them creating architectural highlights in your bathroom.

Shower and shower panels, more shower, more comfort and more fun with showers from hansgrohe. Do you dream of standing under a large rain shower? Ideally as a component of a modern shower? With hansgrohe, it's amazingly easy to incorporate a shower system into your bathroom – with no elaborate refitting, and you can even do it retrospectively. “Showerpipe” is the solution. It consists of an overhead shower plus hand shower with mixer. The Select technology makes hansgrohe shower systems truly impressive. When it comes to comfort, design and enjoyment, we have an abundance of products for you to choose from. Everything is controlled at the simple touch of a button.

Shower control from the hansgrohe brand, control your manual or electronic shower with a luxurious hansgrohe valve Your reliable bathroom partner: hansgrohe offers a variety of thermostatic mixers and shower valves that you can use to control the water to suit your needs. Allowing you to enjoy carefree comfort, and protecting you from unpleasant fluctuations in temperature. This shower mixer will enhance your bathroom, both technically and visually.

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A selection to suit a variety of kitchen settings and tastes

Whether yours is a single person's kitchen or a family kitchen: opt for a formidable duo – innovative hansgrohe sinks and our kitchen taps. The minimalist design of the sinks, with their clear-cut, rectangular basic shape, will integrate seamlessly into modern, functional kitchens. The distinctive, wide L-shaped rim perfectly accentuates the high-quality kitchen tap and offers it stability. Make the hansgrohe built-in sink, which is made from 1 mm hand-welded stainless steel, the star feature of the kitchen. Give the most frequently-used workspace in the kitchen a new sense of value. Whether you are renovating the kitchen or completely redesigning it: hansgrohe sinks are available for a wide range of installation scenarios, with a choice of perfectly designed single or double sinks. High-quality workmanship guarantees that you will be able to enjoy your kitchen assistant for a long time to come.

Hansgrohe sinks – flexibility and a minor revolution. You will be impressed by the versatility of our sinks! Whether it’s an undermount sink, a sink integrated flush with the worktop or a built-in sink: the hansgrohe selection offers customised solutions to suit a wide variety of requirements and working practices. Choose one or two bowls in different sizes or the variant with a draining board. The innovative control unit on the front rim of the sink is a minor revolution, which will impress not only amateur chefs: in combination with different tap variants, hansgrohe sinks make water control simple and intuitive via a rocker lever or Select button. This novel operating concept offers convenience for people of

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Kitchen taps from Hansgrohe

Do you appreciate design as well as convenience? Find your sink taps here. Hansgrohe kitchen taps offer multiple helpful features. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a mixer with hand spray and swivel spout or an electronic temperature control, you will find the kitchen tap which meets your needs.

Advantages of multi-functionality hansgrohe kitchen taps

Hansgrohe M71 kitchen taps for your kitchen. Design your own personal dream kitchen with ergonomics and aesthetics The kitchen mixers in the M71 range have the wow factor and are indispensable tools for your dream kitchen. The clear-cut, minimalist design is the ideal match for hansgrohe sinks, and it boasts impressive ergonomic features. Enjoy the revolutionary convenience offered by the 2-hole variant, with the operating handle on the front rim of the bowl. Select technology also means that you can Select the function you require at the touch of a button when tackling your kitchen chores.

Metris kitchen mixers. Vegetables washed and prepped – with absolutely no space restrictions Metris mixers embody intelligent multi-functionality, convenience and design. They will make your kitchen chores much easier! For example, a hansgrohe hand spray featuring different jet types. Whether you're dealing with fish or fruit: the ample-sized shower spray is ideal for thoroughly cleaning and rinsing; the normal spray fills up pots and bowls quickly and with perfect aim.

Talis kitchen mixers. Enjoy great freedom of movement when doing the cooking and washing up Are you looking for an excellent kitchen assistant for your sink unit that incorporates modern design and lots of functionality? hansgrohe's Talis kitchen mixer range is ideal for any kitchen scenario and is available in a range of variants: ranging from the basic model to the mixer with high swivel spout and hand spray.

Focus kitchen mixers. Miracles of convenience with hand spray for price-conscious culinary enthusiasts Chefs always want the best ingredients. hansgrohe discovered that this starts with the mixer. Our Focus kitchen range has style, substance and functional solutions for any kitchen environment. Convenient: we can offer basic Focus variants featuring a high spout and long handle. We also have a budget sink unit mixer with 2-jet hand spray to offer you.