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Gessi has been designing and manufacturing exclusive bathroom and kitchen fittings and furnishings for over 20 years. Today, the Gessi brand is acknowledged worldwide for its fashionable designs in all types of living environments, including hotels, spas, yachts and private residences.


With creations ranging from faucets to ceramics and even precious bathroom textiles and air fresheners, Gessi has created a new style of living: a "design to be experienced, to be worn and breathed". In fact Gessi designs involve all of the senses thereby allowing the user to enjoy personal spaces that offer a new sense of well-being, a daily wellness experience in which to celebrate a renewed contact with one's inner self. Gessi's "Made in Italy" products are manufactured in harmony with the utmost respect for the environment and the user, creating a new awareness and appreciation of design, and focusing upon the objects' charm and elegance, as well as their ethical content.

Gessi products enjoy an extraordinary client base of architects, interior designers, and lifestyle enthusiasts… outgoing, creative, dynamic, and innovative individuals, who like to think outside the box inventing the future.
With these individuals in mind, Gessi has dedicated itself to offering new living concepts with the widest assortment of products imaginable, in a vast range of styles, models and application solutions allowing for unlimited freedom in designing interiors. New and unpredictable elements, as well as special aesthetic and technological product features create living spaces where everyday activities take on new and extraordinary values.

Gessi believes in innovation as a means of fulfilling dreams and anticipating needs. Not limiting itself to the invention of new stylistic solutions for interior design and well-being, Gessi stresses on respecting the environment, with new technologies, new production processes and new materials.

Gessi projects spring from creative freedom and a passion for objects liberated from prescribed and encoded functions and reinvented for new uses: empathetic, friendly and enjoyable objects. Objects that improve people's lives.





Founded in 1992 by Umberto Gessi, the Company began as a small workshop with the goal of challenging the industry status quo dominated by historic names.

Armed with a clear vision of change and innovation, the Gessi family has pioneered new, ground-breaking business philosophies managing to quickly develop into one of the most sophisticated and vertically integrated manufacturing companies in its product category worldwide with a brand that has become synonymous with superior design and technology.

The original workshop was already abandoned by 1993 in favour of a modern building in Serravalle Sesia made of stone and black glass and surrounded by greenery. Though born as a production site, this building now houses the Company's commercial offices and conference rooms, as well as its impressive showroom. In fact, the Company created a modern production compound in the same area in 2004, in order to keep up with the extraordinary success that the Gessi products were having on the market. This project involved the construction of a modern factory of low environmental impact, with a total covered area of 58,550 m2. Later, in March 2007, the Company began planning the expansion of the building, resulting in a facility of nearly twice the size by 2010.

The production facility, the systems and the entire production process have been designed and manufactured with special focus upon environmental protection and worker safety. Innovative solutions have been adopted in order to achieve these objectives.

The Company's creative, productive and administrative activities have thus been organized in a fully integrated manner within a multi-purpose industrial park of over 800,000 m2, which combines modern technology with eco-architecture and landscaping: that's the Gessi Park.

In 2006, Gessi went on to become a global company, establishing commercial branches in various countries on nearly every continent.

In addition to receiving numerous awards for its innovative product designs, Gessi was appointed Italy's Superbrand in the year 2008. That same year, it received the prestigious Red Dot Communication Design Award.





With the Griffe Collection, Gessi designs bathroom fixtures and furnishings for the first time


In the spirit of innovation, and to challenge the conventions Gessi began with a revolutionary idea: to transform a traditional product such as the common faucet into a designer object with sophisticated functions and forms.
Its 1996 "Diverso" (Different) faucet was emblematic of this break with tradition.
The Gessi designer faucets are décor objects with a personality all of their own. Objects that make a significant contribution to any environment, in terms of image and style.
"Sometimes small ideas lead to great changes.
Can a faucet become a furnishing element?
If it is made differently"
(Launch slogan for the "Diverso" faucet line)






Always driven by a visionary and unconventional spirit, Gessi has developed its own distinctive identity over time, focusing not only on the aesthetics and originality of its designs, or the excellence of its production processes and technologies, but also on ethics.

In fact, Gessi has combined the strength of its own designs with the desire to be a different kind of company manufacturing its products in a totally integrated manner with unique techniques. And that's not all. The Company also strives to distinguish itself in how it conveys the meaning of its products, leaving more room for emotion, and by exalting the manners in which they can be enjoyed, not just as material objects, but also as cultural objects, expressions of a value system and the epitome of a unique style of living and working. It is a design that is no longer purely stylistic, but also attempts to create well-being or to convey a positive message.

Its decision to combine the more strictly economic aspects with the ethical, environmental and social aspects, makes Gessi an "ethical" company in the sense that it has decided to take on the full responsibility for an increasingly complex global system loaded with implications.

Today, the Gessi brand is known and appreciated throughout the world as a brand that consumers can relate to because it has succeeded in generating not only style, exclusivity, innovation and superior quality, but also important values, such as awareness, reliability and respect.

The Company's passion for aesthetics and uncompromising quality can be seen throughout its entire business system: the industrial environment of the Gessi Park is atypical and aesthetically pleasing in all of its aspects; even the buildings are bound by the philosophy of beauty and maximum comfort for the workers.

The Park has the look and feel of a dream come true for a more beautiful, more environmentally friendly and more humane industry.


The Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System governs the entire business complex and is dedicated to its continuous improvement.

Gessi not only boasts quality and product conformity certificates from the world's most renowned certification bodies, but has also held UNI EN ISO 9001 certifications for the Company's production methods and production systems since 1996. In fact, Gessi represents the extremely rare case of a company that has been awarded triple certification for quality, safety and environmental protection.

Gessi has never waned in pursuit of its total quality concept, which is not merely adhering to standards and regulations. Rather it is a shared value and a central indispensable element that reflects the Company's business philosophy and translates into a real commitment in every aspect of the business, from products and processes to relationships with its partners and suppliers, always dedicating special attention to the environment.

Gessi strives to be a "special" workplace designed to be efficient, but above all pleasant, comfortable and beautiful, as well as respectful of the workers and the environment in all of its aspects.







Every company activity is carried out according to a code of ethical and social responsibility: Gessi considers its ability to relate to its local environment and the surrounding territory as its primary social responsibility.

The high standards to which the Company holds its products and processes also extend to the structure that houses these processes: the factory. A living and working unit, it projects a positive relationship with the natural environment in which it is situated. Indeed, the complex is a valued factor of quality for the company itself.

Gessi is an example of an industrial development that interacts harmoniously with, and is respectful of, its surrounding environment. The ambitious "company-oasis" project, aimed at aesthetically and productively rehabilitating a quarry site with low-impact facilities immersed in a green park area and restoring ancient abandoned buildings, has now become a reality.

This green setting gives rise to "technologically handcrafted" objects, a subtle oxymoron used to express the unique combination of high-tech manufacturing techniques with the wisdom of passionate craft specialists.

Gessi was a pioneer in what has now become legal requirements. In many cases, it has surpassed the levels of environmental awareness and personnel required by current standards and certification bodies.
The Company is driven by a deep-rooted environmental awareness to promote environmentally friendly behaviour amongst its employees, partners and customers alike.






Using advanced technologies and innovative processes, while constantly adhering to its strict policies and often exceeding regulatory requirements, Gessi reaffirms its objective to preserve the environment, to create products of unparalleled quality and to promote workplace health and safety on a daily basis.

Gessi has always been highly dedicated to "green" production practices. The Company has been seriously involved in researching and developing technological and technical solutions for its products and processes for years. These aimed at reducing consumption and minimizing environmental impact, while maintaining the highest levels of aesthetic design and offering new and innovative solutions every season.

Every Gessi creation offers the added value of integral and genuine "Made in Italy - Made in Gessi" production processes.

Gessi's production philosophy focuses on the individual and the pursuit of total quality: in the processes, the products and the work that is carried out, with special attention to the environments in which people live and work.

With national and international certifications for products and processes, Gessi not only conforms to the requirements, but often exceeds the quality, safety and protection regulations issued by the certification bodies.




Although its products are international by vocation, and despite having established subsidiaries and offices all over the world from Honk Kong to Los Angeles, Gessi maintains strong roots in its home territory and remains unwaveringly Italian.
In absolute contrast to the widespread race to outsource and to relocate production units, Gessi carries out each production phase and manufactures every product component in house, following best practice business models and the principles of "green" production. The Company boasts high levels of technology, a low environmental impact and a high degree of ethical responsibility in relation to its workers, all while maintaining the highest standards of product quality.

With entirely "Made in Gessi" production processes, the Company represents the most genuine and authentic embodiment of the "Made in Italy" philosophy, incorporating Italian beauty, design and lifestyle into each of its products and distributing them all over the world.

While based on aesthetic research and style, Gessi's Made in Italy philosophy is mainly focused on the development of exceptional solutions to real problems. The Company mission is to make everyday life more pleasant with objects of extraordinary beauty and functionality.






Over time, Gessi has developed its own design language, distinguished and characterized by its essential lines and its appeal to naturally empathic primary shapes.

The extreme attention to detail, the perfect harmony of the contours and proportions and the resulting clean lines are the characteristics that render each Gessi product unique.

The stylistic research that's carried out by an internal design team, with in depth knowledge of the Company's production processes, has yelded a history of innovation, as well as a product portfolio that consistently reflects Gessi's style and its exceptional production know-how. Each intimately cohesive range of products reflects the values and styles of its name.

The Company's lengthy creative collaboration with designer and sculptor, Prospero Rasulo, has led to revolutionary lifestyle concepts and splendid designs, which have rendered Gessi a benchmark for the world's most innovative and glamorous interior design elements.

Gessi's creative philosophy looks beyond the mere functionality of the product, and seeks to understand the actual personality of the space in which its products are installed. In fact, Gessi offers coordinated collections of furnishing elements in matching styles, interpreted according to the typical themes of the "Gessi Signs", including the Rectangle, the Oval and the organic Droplet. All of the elements, from faucets and accessories to sinks, mirrors and sanitary ware, share the same essential shapes, clean forms and harmonic proportions, thus exalting the expressive and evocative capacity of each design.

With a wide range of models and product lines, Gessi Collections have created new standards for customizing living areas, allowing them to become representations of individual tastes and lifestyles.









Gessi is dedicated to a product culture that does not merely represent stylistic practice for its own sake. Rather it combines form and function with appeal and technology, with the goal of improving an individual's quality of life and well-being. This has always been the distinguishing element of the Company's mission.

The internal Research and Development Centre interprets the creative energies of the designers, and directs them towards the actual needs of the consumer.

Gessi's substantial investments in research and development have always been geared towards producing products and systems of exceptional aesthetic value, while ensuring ease of installation and low environmental impact. Products and systems with value-added features and extremely practical characteristics, which are easy to use and make use of innovative technologies and materials.

In order to ensure their absolute technical perfection prior to being launched on the market, each product and technology is subjected to careful research, followed by a lengthy period of development.

The Company's technological research is currently focused upon developing innovative mechanisms for limiting drinking water consumption, energy consumption and pollution.









Design has always offered the possibility of reinterpreting spaces in a creative manner. Gessi's design research, always taking into account the essential living habits of the individual, has made the Company a forerunner in style, and a leading manufacturer of products that explore new, and often original, lifestyle concepts and functions. Gessi is a manufacturer capable of interpreting and anticipating lifestyle changes.

The Company's design solutions contemplate new ways of using water, and redefine the relationships and interactions between the environment, the individual and the water itself.

The search for personal fulfilment alters our relationship with our homes, leading us to redevelop the functional spaces of our living areas. Today, due to the concentration of technology, available materials and possibilities of expression, kitchens and bathrooms occupy a significant percentage of a housing project. Here Gessi has provided a great contribution with its own creations and is well aware there is still much more to be invented. For these environments Gessi experiments with new design languages that often draw their origins from other parts of the home, or domesticate professional tools used in other contexts.

For the bathroom, this has resulted in the advanced features in the Private Wellness Program shower system, which provide the benefits and treatments of a private spa within the home itself. The Hi-Tech faucet line, which draws upon the industrial kitchen, can now be enjoyed within the home kitchen environment.

Also in the kitchen, Gessi has combined aesthetic design with extremely innovative technological solutions, resulting in faucets with original swivel spouts, that also offer various new features such as dispensing purified and/or carbonated water, or reduced water and energy consumption. With these tools, the kitchen becomes an area perfect for social gatherings, as well as a high-tech and designer laboratory. Thanks to a range of new products or a reinterpretation of old ones, the bathroom is pushed beyond its traditional function as a purely utilitarian environment void of any aesthetic significance, becoming a true private spa where the user spends quality time dedicated to physical and mental wellbeing.