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Designer Kitchen Taps

When it comes to kitchen sinks, the tap is the absolute focal point. A designer kitchen tap, consequently, has to be many things. It has to be both stylish, fitting in with the aesthetic, as well as still being a practical choice. As such, kitchen faucets come in a number of different styles, each one lending its own strengths to different designs and needs.

Single Lever Or Twin Lever

These days, a great sink only has one tap, as this allows you to adjust the temperature to exactly what you need. Where some designs still differ, however, is on whether to include one or two levers. Many people find single levers to be rather intuitive, pushing one way for cold water and the other for warm, with anything in the middle being a mix of the two. On the other hand, having two individual levers allows for more fine-tuning and a greater control over the strength of the flow.

Pullout Taps

Similarly, not all faucets are completely static, fixed features. As the name suggests, a pullout tap can be extended from the tap, in a fashion not unlike a shower head. This allows the water to be angled and directed, making it useful for various washing and food preparation duties. Modern designs are able to incorporate this extendible feature in a number of fashions. Some have an external, visible coil and pipe, while others hide this into the tap itself for a more modern, discrete look. Picking the prefect tap can be hard see our guide to picking the perfect tap here.

Aesthetics and Materials

Aside from the practical features, there are also a multitude of visual designs. For every possible modern kitchen aesthetic, there is a tap that helps compliment the chosen direction. For instance, many kitchens still make use of the classic chrome or stainless steel material. Combined with an elegant, sleek design, this offers a smooth finish that is easy to clean and offers a high shine. This material can also be further defined by its shape. A faucet with a low profile and simple practical features blends in to the kitchen, while still providing a practical use. Yet, swivel spouts offer a curved shape, some even offering a perfect half-circle curve, for something that truly stands out and defines the room. On the other hand, it’s also possible to get taps made out of ceramics or other harder materials. This trades in the reflective qualities for a range of colours, with leading designs favouring neutral whites and beige tones.

Who Makes Designer Taps?

Ultimately, designer taps are as diverse and broad as anything in fashion, so there is no one producer that creates all of the latest options. In fact, there are a number of big names behind these designs, including Brita, Reginox, Astini and more. These companies often don’t sell or display their own wares, so it takes specialist retailers with a sharp eye, like Taps UK, to make these options available to public. We also provide our taps to builders and property developers, ensuring new buildings come equipped with the very latest kitchens, right down to the sophisticated choice of faucet.