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brass taps

In the modern kitchen, steel and chrome are the typical metals of choice. While many people enjoy this high shine and reflective finish, there are those that prefer something more traditional and contemporary. If you’re looking for something different from contemporary designs, have you considered decorating with brass taps?

Brass taps have a lot to offer and can certainly provide an alternative to today’s popular steel or plastic options. Here’s a quick overview on brass taps and how to best use then.

The Appeal Of Brass

So, why should you choose brass? In short, brass offers a different look, yet is still easy to clean and maintain, so you don’t lose any of the benefits of steel. Furthermore, brass is also copes well with hot temperatures, which is why it has long been used in boiling systems, so why not use in your taps as well?

Modern brass taps also like to use the material as the basis for chrome plating, which makes for very durable products. While these taps have the strong, durable brass underneath, they also have the reflective properties and aesthetic appeal of chrome on the outside.

What Types Of Taps Are Available?

Ultimately, brass is just a material. As far as actual designs go, you are still open to the numerous options and tap designs available. This means that you can still have a single faucet tap, rather than two separate faucets, in a range of styles.

Mixer taps, for example, are very popular. These allow you to turn two separate handles, controlling the flow of cold and hot water separately. This enables a greater control over both the temperature and the flow of the water. Alternatively, there are also single lever mixer tap. This works on the same principle, but incorporates the controls into just one lever for added practicality. Push it along one axis to control temperature, while also moving in and out to adjust the flow.

As for the faucet itself, a smooth elegant curve is often popular, letting the colour and tone of the brass make the biggest impression. Of course, most smaller and discrete options are available, leaning out in a more contemporary fashion.

What Kitchen Suits Brass Taps Best?

If you’re choosing brass taps with a chrome finish, there are quite a few aesthetic designs that can incorporate them. The chrome detail has a texture and shine similar to steel, making them useful in modern kitchens.

However, if your kitchen has a more antiquated design, then it helps to have taps that match. This is because a Victorian style room – with numerous brass elements and darker hues – is popular in various situations. Here, the striking juxtaposition of chrome or steel would not be so readily appreciated, while brass adds the authentic touch that these rooms need, while still allowing the home comforts of modern tap design.

As you can see, brass taps offer a very practical alternative with a style all of their own. If you’re looking for something special, why not try incorporating brass into your next kitchen?