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Why your Kitchen Tap is Leaking

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There is nothing worse than having a leaking tap! With the constant dripping noise and the unnecessary waste of water. This is a guide to offer some advice on why your kitchen tap may be leaking and, the meaning behind where the leak is coming from.

Okay so, the first step to resolving the issue is identifying where the leak is actually coming from. The most common problems we see are the following…

The Spout:

The leak can either be quite severe (as in constant running water) or, it can be a drip that only occurs every few minutes. However, both are equally frustrating! This problem is most often caused due to the valve zone not shutting off completely due to debris. If you live in a hard-water area, you are more prone to having larger amounts of limescale in your water. Build up of this substance can affect the function of the mechanisms inside the tap such as the valve. The best thing to do in this case is to first remove the valve and then soak it in some warm soapy water. This will help to release any of the debris. If this does not work, then the valve may be damaged. You will need to contact the retailer to purchase/receive a replacement. Click here to see the parts that we have available to purchase on our website.

Debris can also be caused due to installation errors. We recommend that you flush the pipes before installing your new tap as the debris build-up can cause the valve to malfunction.

Please note, some taps traditional taps will not have an aerator. This means that you will experience water over-run. This is not a fault with the tap however, it may drip for a short while after use as the spout is clearing.

Base of the Spout:

The most common cause of this leak is due to the spout not being tightened enough onto the body of the tap. If the spout is loose, it means that the O-rings will not perform their job properly as they will not be watertight. This is an easy fix as most taps will just have a small grub screw that you can screw in slightly further to tighten. You may also have a tap with a collar, and you will just need to twist this to tighten it.

Another cause may be that the seals have worn/are damaged at the base of the spout. In this case, you will need to get in touch with the retailer to ask for replacements. Or, if you are outside of the warranty period you will need to purchase them.

The base of the tap/Flexi-hoses:

This type of leak is caused by the seals being damaged at the top of the Flexi-hose. This is usually down to installation error. They will have been overtightened causing the O-rings to shred. However, this can also be due to the O-rings not being placed correctly causing them to become trapped within the thread.

Sadly, there is not much that can be done to resolve this issue other than fitting replacement flexi-hoses or seals.

Around the Handles:

This issue again is most commonly due to the valves. They will either be damaged due to debris, or the handle could be too loose. We recommend cleaning these with warm soapy water and then attempt to re-insert. If this does not solve the issue, then you will need to purchase replacements. Please note, valves come in all different shapes and sizes. You will need to ensure that you get one that is compatible with your tap. By using the incorrect valve this can also cause the tap to leak.

Valves and O-rings are classed as working parts and are expected to be replaced periodically. They are often covered by a 6-month warranty unless stated longer. Please see click here to see the spare tap parts we have on offer.

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