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How to build your dream bathroom today

If you are looking to get your bathroom of dreams, look no further. This blog will take you through the journey covering every aspect including all bathroom sanitaryware and taps so that nothing gets left behind. In the end,…

13–16 minutes to read
Guides and Information

Why waste disposals are saving the world

To waste disposal or not to waste disposal, that is the question. One-third of food produced globally goes to waste, in the UK, on average 9.5 million tonnes of food is thrown away every year. This food ends up…

6 minutes to read

Team 144 Walk 25 Miles for Cure Parkinson’s

Lead by Sophia, our Taps UK team undertook a 25-mile walk of the historic 144 bus route known by many to raise money for Cure Parkinson’s. The arduous walk on Sunday began at the Smallbrook Queensway in Birmingham at…

3 minutes to read

Free installation on selected Brita Filter Taps!

Health and beauty experts recommend we drink 2 litres, or about 8 glasses of water a day. Our bodies are around two thirds water so it is hardly surprising that water is so crucial to our overall health and…

4 minutes to read