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How to Pick Your Perfect Vanity Unit

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Here at Taps UK, we have a wide range of vanity units available. These intelligent storage solutions play a huge part in designing your perfect bathroom. They come in all different shapes and sizes and can be fitted in different ways, making them suitable for every theme! The finishes we have on offer include black, white, blue, bronze, pink, green, brown, cream, grey, and dark and light wood. Our bestsellers are the likes of Nuie, Hudson Reed, Astini, RAK, and Villeroy & Boch. So, here’s a quick rundown of the different styles…

Floor Standing Vanity Units:

These units come in a range of styles and finishes, making it near impossible to choose which one to go for! They ooze sophistication and elegance. All whilst offering the storage space required for a minimalistic, de-cluttered bathroom. You can either opt for a single-floor standing vanity unit or a double basin unit. These are particularly popular in En-suite bathrooms.

One of our bestsellers is the Nuie Elbe Satin Blue 800mm Floor Standing 2-Drawer Vanity Unit & Basin – PAR303. This vanity unit comes with a single white basin. It has built-in handles which allows you to achieve that complete minimalistic feel.

Wall-Hung Vanity Units:

If you would like to take advantage of the space you have, installing a wall-hung vanity unit is great for doing so. These units fix onto the wall and are often referred to as ‘floating vanities’. You will have a small space underneath the unit that you can use to your desire. They look striking in a modern-style bathroom and are best paired with our range of wall-hung toilets.

The Villeroy & Boch Avento Crystal Grey 800mm Wall Hung Vanity Unit & Basin is available in a range of finishes and styles. Our favourite design is the one in the image on the left. The unit looks very modern and is striking when contrasted with a pale background. The use of multiple drawers offers maximum storage space making it the perfect solution for your family bathroom!

Countertop Basin Units:

These units are available in both floor-standing and wall-hung styles. They are extremely great if you do not have a lot of space to work with and would prefer to combine the basin unit with storage. This style of unit looks aesthetically pleasing in more industrial style and modern bathrooms. Especially if you were to opt for a textured wood finish.

The Hudson Reed Quartet Gloss Grey Mist 720mm Cabinet & Black Worktop QUA014LSB is available in a range of different sizes. This is also wall hung making is a great way to open up your bathroom and create the illusion of extra space.

Double Basin Vanity Units:

Ideal for large families or couples, these vanity units are often fitted if multiple people are going to be using the same bathroom. It allows you to create your own space in a room that is often shared! The popularity of double basin vanity units is on the rise with both modern and traditional styles to choose from. You are sure to have a completely clutter-free bathroom with the amount of storage space you will gain. Therefore, increasing your chances of unlocking the door to relaxation. Also, a de-cluttered bathroom is the key to maintaining a stress-free environment.

The Hudson Reed Quartet Gloss Grey 1400mm Wall Hung Vanity & Double Basin QUA002 offers huge amounts of storage space and comes in a range of finishes and colours. The huge double basin allows enough room for two people to share the space at once making it a perfect piece of furniture to complete an En-suite bathroom.

Cloakroom Vanity Units:

Even the smallest of spaces will need some form of storage to help keep them nice and tidy. Our range of cloakroom vanity units are perfect for smaller toilets/bathrooms. These are often a lot slimmer in size however, still offer just the right amount of storage space. The basin is most often combined and is more of a rectangular shape with the tap sitting to the side. We even do corner cloakroom vanity units.

The Nuie Vault Brown Grey Avola 400mm Floor Standing Unit and Basin – MIN003 is a great choice to opt for if you are looking for that minimalistic feel. The brown earthy tones would look great in a downstairs bathroom and it is a great option to add additional storage space.

2 in 1 Toilet and Vanity Units:

This style of vanity unit is also great if you are extremely tight on space. They combine all the elements of a bathroom into one whole unit. The unit is designed to case the plumbing/pipework meaning that you can create style and cleanliness even in the smallest of spaces!

The Nuie Athena 2 in 1 Stone Grey 500mm Toilet & Basin Vanity Unit PRC445CB demonstrates all of these qualities. It is perfect for smaller bathrooms. The only downside is that the tap and waste are not included so you would have the purchase these separately. However, this does give you more freedom on what style/colour to go for!

So, there we have it. All our amazing styles of vanity units are explained. If you have not considered opting of a vanity unit, then you truly need to. With the combination of storage and style, what’s not to love? If you found this blog helpful, please also see our article ‘WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF TOILETS?‘.

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