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Hansgrohe Raindance – The Ultimate Shower Experience

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With so much choice for your bathroom, it’s often hard to know what is the best shower for you. Hansgrohe is on hand with some amazing showers, where quality really is important albeit with a slightly higher price tag. Is it worth the extra budget?

Previously a lesser-known brand in the UK, Hansgrohe has burst onto the scene in recent years boasting a massive range of showers – with an even bolder claim that once you have used a Hansgrohe shower you won’t want anything else.

With a mixture of cutting edge features, modern design, and reliability – it is not hard to see why many people are choosing Hansgrohe, and the Raindance particularly offers some spectacular options that turn a normal shower into a really mesmerising experience

What is a Hansgrohe Raindance Shower?

The Hansgrohe Raindance range has been designed specifically to offer the most luxurious shower experience available. Some trademark features of this range are large spray discs to allow the water to surround you, something Hansgrohe refers to this as their XXL Performance. It is the massive amount of spray types for you to enjoy, that really makes this range special.

Hansgrohe Quickclean Technology

Hard water is something that plagues many households in the UK and that means that any fittings that need to be used in the UK need to withstand the punishment of calcium deposits.

Shower jets are one of the most common bathroom fixings to break down with limescale. To combat this, Hansgrohe has fitted its showers with flexible silicone naps, so that dirt and limescale can just be rubbed off with a finger. All this helps your new shower look its best for longer, and also operate at its best.

PowderRain for Sensitive Souls

A new jet type from Hansgrohe for 2020 is PowderRain. Thousands of micro-droplets are released from the showerhead, which makes you feel like you are wrapped in a gentle water cacoon. If that isn’t enough for you, the Intense PowderRain jet has an even higher number of droplets, for a heightened experience.

You don’t need a brand new shower unit to be able to experience this, you can simply upgrade your shower head. The Hansgrohe Raindance Select S Chrome 120 3jet Shower Holder Set will give you the experience you can see below in Hansgrohe’s video;

More Spray Modes

We have spoken about the new PowderRain functions, but there are many more to choose from. You can see them in our gallery below where this is something for everyone;

Please note that no all Raindance showers can do all functions, and we strongly recommend checking the shower you are looking at to see which combination of features that it has available.

To read more about this, take a look at Hansgrohe’s shower lab.

Raindance Select – Switch Functions with a Single Press

Hansgrohe Select makes changing functions really simple. You can use their patented Select button to turn on your shower or even change the shower spray type. With so many different possible configurations, customising your shower to work however you want is part of the reason this range is so popular. Literally, see how simple it really is;

We recommend – Hansgrohe Raindance E Chrome Shower With ShowerTablet Select 300

If you are looking for a complete unit to replace an existing installation, this one has many of the features we spoke about, whilst being perfect for most bathroom environments. As with most Hansgrohe showers with these features, you will need a decent pressure so this isn’t suitable for anyone who has a low-pressure system (if you’re not sure you can read our article about understanding water pressure in your home)

Raindance E 360 Air Angle Adjustable Shower Head, featuring RainAir
380mm shower arm projections
360x190mm shower head size

ShowerTablet Select 300 Thermostatic Vale with Select Buttons
Shelf made of safety glass
CoolContact thermostat: Prevents the housing from heating up

Hand shower featuring; RainAir, Rain & Whirl

You can find this on our store by following this link; Hansgrohe Raindance E Chrome Shower with ShowerTablet Select 300


So in conclusion, with the mountains of features, the high-quality finish, and the design options available – it’s easy to see why Hansgrohe demands a higher price, and we think it is every bit worth it. Our two favourite features being the select button, which makes changing features seamless, and the whirl spray that does a great job of massaging your skin after a hard day. It really is the ultimate shower experience.

If you want any more information on any of these showers, just get in touch with our team who are on hand to help.

Until the next time.

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