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Ceramic Sink Showdown Villeroy and Boch Farmhouse 80 VS Astini Belfast 800

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Line up…

Villeroy and Boch provide a great range of essentials for around your perfect home. All the items they provide are essential for any style that you need. They’re rooted in the European culture and preserve its identity. Villeroy and Boch are such an inspiring brand, with plenty of products to give you the freedom to design your own home. This brand, represented in over 125 countries, are successful all over the world. Click here to find out more about the brand.

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Astini are a British company who are also manufactured globally. This brand manufactures high quality products at extremely competitive rates. This enables them to offer excellent value for money. Astini is mainly manufactured in Japan, Italy and Spain. They use low pressure casting machines, CNC machines, automatic polishing machines, and more!


And so the game has finally kicked off between the Villeroy and Boch Farmhouse 80 and the Astini Belfast 800
Villeroy and Boch start the game off with this item being a 2-bowl sink. This makes it easier during the washing up process. You can leave the washing up in the one sink, but then still make use of the other sink at the same time! In fact, the Astini Belfast 800 is also the same, this also provides a 2-bowl sink.

So, as The Astini Belfast is currently in possession, they have started off extremely well. This item includes a waste kit with the sink, but even better…

They have gone and scored a fabulous goal with several coloured wastes to choose from! This includes Bronze, Chrome, Copper and Gold. Although the Villeroy and Boch farmhouse 80 doesn’t include the waste kit, you can still purchase this through our store.

The game kicks off again with the Farmhouse 80 fighting to equalise with the Belfast 800. They aren’t giving up! The farmhouse 80 pushes themselves through with an equaliser. The traditional style sink is irreplaceable as it has a 5-year manufacturing guarantee.
Although, the Astini Belfast 800 has a 15-year manufacturing guarantee, the Villeroy and Boch guarantee relies on it’s amazing quality – but this isn’t discrediting the Belfast 800 at all!

HALF TIME!! 1-1 AT THE BREAKWhy do I need a ceramic sink?

What is so special about ceramic sinks? Ceramic sinks are made from natural materials with traditional craftmanship. They have a very hard, strong surface. This makes them resistant to scratching, cutting and hard impacts. Ceramic sinks are also resistant to domestic acids, and to heat. This means that they are resistant to normal kitchen temperatures, wiping and maintaining will keep the sink clean! Limescale build up on ceramic sinks can cause the item to discolour. However, this can be easily removed with the correct ceramic sink cleaner. We have a huge range available on our website.


Second half is underway, and we are still 1-1 after the break…Both sinks are available for sit-on-cabinet installation. Suitable for the traditional styled kitchen. They can both fit into a minimum cabinet size of 800mm. With both having the stylish gloss finish, they can completely freshen up your kitchen!

Villeroy and Boch travel down the left-hand side. They whip the cross in, and can take the lead again, 2-1. Villeroy and Boch are the more expensive brand, but you get what you ask for, quality and traditional. On the other hand, if you are looking at a budget sink, where you don’t need to spend that much, the Astini Belfast 800 would win for me.

The Astini Belfast isn’t giving up. As they come to realisation that they are still getting 5-star reviews everywhere they go; they then equalise in the final minute. The Astini Belfast, is an extremely popular sink from our store and it’s always in high demand. However, the Villeroy and Boch farmhouse 80 also have 5-star reviews across the board. Making this hard to choose which sink you pick, the game ends with an equaliser.

After the game review:

What an excellent game that was between both of our sinks…As you can see, both sinks have outstanding product reviews. They both offer multiple years of guarantee against manufacturing defects. The Astini Belfast standing out with producing the outstanding overflow and waste kit. And don’t forget this comes in several different finishes! Then on the other hand, the Villeroy and Boch Farmhouse doesn’t come with the waste, but you can still purchase through store – Brilliant.

As we can see, the result was an equaliser, because they both didn’t give up. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your sink is the best thing for it. Recommendations to clean the ceramic sinks are using washing up liquid, and then wiping down with a dry cloth. Ceramic sinks don’t really match well with leaving tea bags on them, as this can cause discolouration. This doesn’t mean that it won’t come off however, may be stubborn to remove. Both sinks (with the correct maintenance), will certainly keep your kitchen sparkling!

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