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Formed in 2001, the success of the original range kitchen taps meant they began to pour their research, development and design principles into other kitchen and bathroom accessories too.

Today, Astini is known for a range of stunning kitchen taps, sinks and accessories, as well as bathroom taps and WC solutions.

What Makes Them Different?

Bathroom and Kitchen Taps

Astini stands out because it fuses functional bathroom and kitchen taps with technology. We are all aware of how the digital age has changed and improved the way we live. Just when you thought there were not more technological improvements to come, Astini introduces technology into the kitchen and bathroom tap that makes it using water efficiently for all tasks so much easier.

The Astini Vertu control mixer tap, for example, is a sure-fire hit in the bathroom. Sleek and futuristic in design, rather than mixing hot and cold by using handles, you use a control pad to create the perfect water mix, at the right temperature.

The same is true of the Astini Veyron touch control contemporary kitchen sink tap. Its pleasing right-angle design gives a clean, fresh appearance with the easy to use touchpad attached, getting the right mix and pressure has never been easier.

As well as mixer taps, Astini also has single and twin mixer taps, as well as ‘kettle taps’ that dispenses boiling water, perfect for morning coffee or afternoon tea.

The materials used are of the same high quality as design and testing, a pleasing matte chrome finish that in itself gives any tap a sense of style and panache.

They have two ranges of bathroom taps: the Claridge for the traditional style tap and the Blade collection. The latter is a pleasing range of taps that boast a waterfall feature that makes running a bath a work of art.

Futuristic Kitchen Sinks

They also boast a range of impressive kitchen sinks and in a range of materials. Enjoy the coolness of the stainless-steel kitchen sink or marvel at the combination of stainless steel with glass.

They also have granite kitchen sinks, perfect partners to any of their kitchen taps, and ceramic sinks too. If you want black, choose the granite sink or for a lighter appeal, choose the off-white ceramic kitchen sink.

Kitchen Accessories

As well as kitchen taps and sinks, they also offer a range of accessories for use with their tap range such as water filters and so on. The ethos of their development principles are clear: technology can improve the kitchen in ways other than streamlined ovens and it doesn’t have to be complex either.

WC Solutions

They also offer frames and flush frames that allow for the cistern to be hidden behind the bathroom wall, leaving only the streamlined flush handle on show. Perfect for creating more space and visual appeal in what is normally the smallest room in the home.


There is something unique, appealing and inviting about all the products available from Astini. They boast a quality to their research and development that others can only allude to. You just know when you buy one of their products that it is created and made with passion and know-how, so why not browse our range of Astini products to find something stylish yet durable for your bathroom.