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Abode Taps Info

Abode Taps

Abode are a company well-known for their modern quality. With a quite frankly outstanding level of attention to detail they consistently produce designs that not only look good – but work and keep working for years to come.

Established in 2002 they perhaps don't have the long history of other luxury brands but that doesn't mean they aren't lacking in experience. It also means they are free from the constraints of living up to that history.

In the kitchen

Abode work closely with a network of manufacturers to create stunning kitchen taps in modern designs. From sleek copper, modern matt finishes or chrome and pewter traditional styles they produce a tap that will finish your kitchen perfectly.

Drink Station

Fancy a cuppa? With a Pronteau hot water tap you can have a cup of steaming hot water – ideal for making tea or coffee – as easily as you can have a glass of refreshing, filtered cold water. Whether you are looking to save space in a small kitchen or want your worktops uncluttered by appliances the Pronteau is the future of drinks provision.

Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

Of course, your kitchen taps are useless on their own so Abode also make gorgeous sinks in a variety of materials ranging from traditional stainless steel or bronze to chrome. And like you'd expect from a manufacturer of this quality they come in such an array of different styles and mounting options that you are sure to find a perfect match.

That's not all!

Why stop at creating elegant kitchen taps when you can also create stylish bathroom taps. Naturally the cover all the options with classic designs harking back to the glory days of elegant bathing to ultramodern designs that push the boundaries of possibility. Whether you are looking for a wall-mounted bath tap, shower head or bidet mixer they have full sets that allow you to maintain the same effect throughout your bathroom.


Yes, they even do showers which can be integrated into your wall, fitted to your bath mixer, with a sliding rail or on a rigid riser. And their latest innovation is with the Tempeau thermostatic system that turns ordering from a head-scratching chore into an easy one-click process. All you need to decide is what it looks like and they've done the rest.

A Needle in A Haystack

If you're already familiar with Abode quality then you'll know how hard it can be to find that elusive combination of style and quality at a competitive price, but here at Taps UK, we have you covered, as we know the discerning homeowner won't want to compromise on quality. All too often modern taps have short guarantees (Abode offer at least a 5-year warranty) indicative of the short-cuts that have been taken in manufacture. For Abode each part of the tap, shower or sink has a purpose so must be designed and engineered with the greatest of care. And the care that they take is passed on to you meaning you can enjoy their beautiful designs for years to come – long after other's have brought the plumber calling. To find out more about the Abode range, or to take advantage of our ultra-competitive prices, why not browse the range  to find the perfect piece for your bathroom.